Friday, 31 December 2010

Sir Elton John's baby

I see the news at the moment is all about Sir Elton John's new baby.

This is very nice for him and his partner David Furnish but I can't help feeling a little sorry for the baby Zachary.

Sure he will have every thing money can buy and both his parents seem to be very loving but my concern is the age of Sir Elton.

Why? Well you see my father was 67 years old when I was born and passed away when I was only 13.

That was sad enough but I also saw my fathers declining health before he died. In fact I had to tie his boot laces up for him when my mother wasn't around.

It is of course unlikely that Zachary will have any problems like tying shoe laces but it may be sad for him if he loses one or other of the loving partnership at an early age.

Hopefully that won't happen.

I've more or less got my new website for my internet business established. It's looking good.

Joke for today:- I'm not playing all the wrong notes. I'm playing the right notes but not necessarily in the right order. Eric Morecombe

On this day: 31st December

In 1937 Anthony Hopkins was born and in 1943 Ben Kingsley made his first appearance.

John F Beaumont internet marketer

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Charity Cashpoints.

What will they think of next.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has proposed that we should be asked to give to charity everytime we use a cash machine or pay with a bank card.

What a cheek! We already are working for the government until May 30th 2011 before we are generously allowed to spend some money on ourselves.

I agree that we have to pay tax but a lot of the money obtained is spent on projects which personally I don't agree with so asking me to pay into a "charity pot" where money may go to causes I don't support is ridiculous

I hasten to add that there are charities which I do support but it surely has to be a personal choice.

Knowing the track record of our MP's the money would be unlokely to be spent wisely.

Enough of my rant. Let's have a joke. Fred died in a bowl of muesli. A currant pulled him in.

On this day: 30th December

In 1916 Rasputin was murdered

In 1979 Richard Rodgers died

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Working on new internet website

Chris has been busy today working on my new The Six Figure Mentors website.

This is very exciting. Go to to see the action.

There is now a new site for the bootcamp;

I'm very pleased with the system.

Joke for today:- When dog food is improved with a better taste who tests it?

On this day:- 29th December

In 1170 the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.

In 1860The first true ironclad warship HMS Warrior was launched.

In 1890 more than 100 Sioux were massacred at Pine Ridge

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Monday, 27 December 2010

Christians denied Human Rights by UK courts

Intersting comments yesterday by The Bishop of Winchester and former Lord Chief Justice Lord Wolf about how the rights of Christians are denied in UK courts.

It seems that the rights of Christians are being hit by the human rights law.

My personal opinion of the Human Rights Law is that is borders on the ridiculous.

How can you give "the same "rights to a paedophile whilst retaining the human rights of children not to be molested.

Doesn't make sense. There must be occasions where certain elements have to forego their rights.

Thought for today:- Is the law always sensible?

JoKe for today:- An incompetent lawyer can delay a trial for months. A competent lawyer for even longer.

On this day:- 27th December

In 1904 Peter Pan had it's premiere.

In 1901 Marlene Dietrich was born

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Miracle Diet Pill, Meratol

I see that a "miracle"weight loss pill which supposedly has been used by Eva Longoria and Courteney Cox goes on sale in the UK today.

I'm a bit surprised about Courteney Cox. Ithink she could do with a weight on pill. Still perhaps that is because Meratol is so successful?

However I see that the price of Meratol is £29.99 in the UK. Surely that is not for just one tablet?

I think I will stick to the best diet plan of all. Eat less, eat the right foods and excercise more. Hey perhaps I should patent that!

Thought for today: Are you looking after your body?

Joke for today:- A hangover is the wrath of grapes.

On this day:- 27th December

In 1945 Britain signed the Bretton Woods agreement establishing the IMF

In 1979 The Soviet Union excuted the Afghan president

John F Beaumont internet marketer

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow at last

For the last few days we have received news after news about the problems caused by the snow

here in the UK but until today we hadn't had any in my area of the country.

Bit different this morning since we had quite a heavy snowfall overnight.

Still I managed to get most of my last minute shopping done.

Whilst snow can be fun when you can "play" in it there is a slight lack of appeal when you have to

do other things in your day.

Because of the shopping I haven't done any work on my internet business today although I

suppose a break occasionally is good for me. Actually I enjoy what I am doing so it is not really


Thought for today:- Do you enjoy your work? If not why don't you try something different.

See my website for some ideas.

Today's joke:- The advantage of excercising every day is that you will die healthier

On this day:- 22nd December

In 1943 Beatrix Potter died.

In 1895 X rays were discovered accidently

John F Beaumont internet marketer

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I have just reached one of my goals for the year.

At the beginning of the year I was only swimming around 15 lengths every time I went to the

pool so I decided that I would increase the number of lengths swum each month until I reached

50 lengths by the end of the year. I did it!

Another objective was to write 50 articles about internet marketing and i have achieved this

also. If you are interested go to to see some of them.

An excellent bootcamp is even if i say so


Today's joke:- he asked how they should celebrate 25 years of marriage. She suggested 2

minutes silence.

Today's thought. If nothing sticks to Teflon how does in stay on the pan?

On this day: 21st December

In 1988 Pan America flight blew up and crashed on Lockerbie

In 1945 General Patton died in a car crash.

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Monday, 20 December 2010

They don't really die.

Who are they?

I watched A Christmas Carol on TV last night. This is one of my favourite stories as I am a great

fan of Charles Dickens.

It got me thinking about all the people that I have known in my life such as my parents, aunts

and uncles, co-workers etc who have passed on.

I was amazed at how influenced I was by some of them hopefully mostly for the good.

So really they haven't "died" whilst there is someone who is still carrying on with their


I think most of us have things to be grateful for which have been passed down to us and affected

our characters.

Thought for today:- Are you grateful for the wisdom passsed on to you?

Joke for today:- Happiness: good health and a bad memory

On this day:- 20th December

In 1803 the French sold New Orleans and surrounding area to USA. The Louisiana Purchase

In 1915 the Allies retreated from the Dardanelles. (Two of my uncles served there)

John F.Beaumont internet marketer

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Threatened Beaver

There is a very interesting article in this month's The Oldie Magazine (I'm a Youngie actually

but they let me read it!)

This article is about the marvellous beaver and how they are the most accomplished engineers of

the animal kingdom.

Not only do they build impressive dams which can be 8 foot high and three hundred feet in

length they also know to build a secondary dam. This second dam is build downstream to catch

the overflow which creates a pond which counterbalances the downward pressure on the first

dam. Then a third dam is build upstream to prevent a sudden rush of water following a sudden

downpour. Brilliant.

However their numbers are being decimated* by trappers.

So this lovely creatury is being sacrificed so that their pelts can be used as a fashion accessory.

Sick or what?Thought for today: Are we humans any better than other animals?

* Decimated. I was once told off for using this term in a report by my then managing director. He wrote that it meant reduced by or to ten. Actually according to the dictionary I could use it in the context I was describing!

Joke for today:- In his spare time my granddad races pigeons. I don't know wht as he never beats them.

On this day:- 19th December

In 1991 Gorbachev resigned

In 1984 Britain and China signed the agreement to return Hong Kong to China in 1997

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Friday, 17 December 2010

Why do we answer the phone first?

Hi there,

Have you noticed that the phone ringing nearly always takes precedence over someone who has come to see you?

It's possible that a person has come miles to meet with you and then the phone rings and we pick it up to answer the person who lives next door. Odd isn't it?

I'm working hard on my new website which is proving very successful

I hope it is very helpful to whose struggling to set up an internet business. I know I once was terribly confused.

Thought for today:- Do you take a step back sometimes to evaluate where you want to go next?

Joke for today:-Why do you never have self service massage parlours?

On this day: 17th December

In 1903 the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight.

In 1967 the Australian prime minister Harold Holt disappeared whilst swimming.

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Thursday, 16 December 2010


There was great merriment in the Daily Express yesterday as even? the Germans fell foul of the

wintry weather.

It is interesting how we stereotype people and countries. Germany has this reputation for being very efficient.

I'm sure in lots of ways they are but having worked for a German company for 14 years I found

that this reputation was a complete myth. The things that went wrong were just as numerous as

in the UK and I suspect many other countries as well.

Still I'm still working on my internet business

to make it as efficient as possible!!

Thought for today. Are you as efficient as you can be?

Joke for today:- I had a ploughman's lunch yesterday then he punched me.

On this day:- 16th December

In 1653 Cromwell was made Lord Protector

In 1889 Sir Noel Coward was born

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Law of Attraction

Hi there,

I'm very interested in the Law of Attraction which I first heard of when watching The Secret video. (If you haven't seen that video or read the book then you should!)

Anyrate I digress.

Last night I heard a talk which was by a religious leader but struck a chord with me because of my understanding of the Law of Attraction.

This young man explained that back in the year 2000 he was invited to go to Sydney,

Australia as a volunteer to help at the Olympic Games. As he was a student at the

time and the prices of air tickets way out of his price range he replied that he

wouldn't be able to go. Even so he had really set his heart on going.The person

inviting him told him to leave it a week and they would talk again.During that week

this gentleman had to fly back to his university. To cut a long story short his

plane got into trouble and had to crash land.

As a result of that terrifying experience he was given a free ticket by the airline.

This ticket enabled him to fly anywhere in the world. So guess where he went?

Just goes to show that if you have faith then a way will be provided although maybe

not quite in the way you expect!

Joke for today:- If a pig loses his voice is he gruntled?

On this day:- 15th December

In 1791 US Bill of Rights ratified by states.

In 1890 Chief Sitting Bull was shot dead.

In 1966 Walt Disney died.

John F. Beaumont. Internet Marketer

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Great Weekend

Hi there.

Had a great weekend as Sue & I went to see my son Stephen & his partner Joe.

They live in Norwich which is one of my favourite cities.

Sue went to do some family history in the local library which is fabulous whilst Stephen, Joe and I went and looked around Norwich.

We had a bit of excitement at lunchtime when Sue discovered she had left her handbag which had her mobile phone and all her cards in at a local pub.

Fortunately she got it back with nothing missing.

Then when we were leaving on Sunday morning I backed into a wall. Not too much damage to the car just annoyed with myself!

Still it was a great weekend.

Whilst we were away Chris was working on my new website with the Six Figure Mentors Group which is nearly finished.I'm still getting a lot of interest in one of my other sites

Thought for today. Are you keeping in touch with your family?

Joke for today:- The first half of your life is ruined by your parents and the second half by your kids!

On this day:- 14th December

In 1799 George Washington died

In 1911 Roal Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole

John F.Beaumont

Friday, 10 December 2010

Six Figure Mentors striding ahead

The new system from our group the six figure mentors continues apace. Setting it all up now.

This is very exciting and will blow people away

In the meantime go to for some other interesting information I have for you.

I'm going to Norwich this weekend. It is one of my favourite cities although I must admit I have many favourites including Moscow, St.Petersburgh, Charleston etc.

Thought for today:- Do you have happy memories of different cities?

Joke for today:- My wife complains that I never listen to her...or something like that

On this day:- 10th December

In 1979 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 1901 the first Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded

John F. Beaumont

Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Health and Safety Brigade

Hi there,

Back in the 1970's when I had to drive around the country a lot on business there was always a lot of advice about what to do in snowy weather.

If you got stuck in your car you were advised to keep a window partially open or leave a door open, run the engine for 20 minutes at a time, check the exhaust was clear etc etc.

Despite a massive new health and safety industry they don't appear to say much about how to survive today. More concerned about people standing on step ladders.

In fact I had a laugh when a handyman I know who has had 40 years experience was sent on a course about how to handle screwdrivers!If he had survived 40 years he hardly needed training.

Anyrate enough of the moan. Keep smiling

Thought for today: Are you taking care of yourself?

Joke for today:- Did you hear about the sword swallower who went on a diet? He had pins and needles for months

On this day 9th December

In 1641 Van Dyck dies
In 1918 Kirk Douglas was born and Douglas Fairbanks jnr in 1909
In 1990 Walesa was elected Poland's president

John F.Beaumont

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Isn't central heating great.

Hi there,

I got thinking this morning as I wearily raised myself from my bed in my nice warm bedroom about when I was a boy.

In my parents house, well bungalow actually, we only had a coal fire in the living
room so the other rooms got very cold. In fact in the morning we had to scrape the frost and ice off the INSIDE of the windows of the bedrooms.

We did in fact have fireplaces in the bedrooms but just after the war we could not afford to keep a fire in all of them. In fact when I was ill one time my father got a shovel and put the living room fire into a bucket and moved it to my bedroom in the evening.

So we are really blessed to have the benefits of central heating in most properties today.

Thought for today:- Do you appreciate the modern appliances we now have?

Joke for today:- Little boy to grandfather: Are you still growing grandpa? No I don't think so. Why? Boy: It's just that the top of your head is coming through your hair

On this day:- December 8th

In 1980 John Lennon was shot dead.

In 1941 Britain Australia and USA declare war on Japan

In 1542 Mary queen of Scots was born and in 1925 Sammy Davis jnr made his first appearance

John F. Beaumont

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Master Key System


I'm reading a good book called The Master key System by Charles F. Haanel.

It was originally published in the early part of the 20th century although it is still relevant today.

Very thought provoking although the language is a bit dated.

Thought for today:- Are you reading any good books which are making you think?

Todays joke:- A quarter of all married men kiss their wife goodbye when they leave the house.Of these same men 90% will kiss their house goodbye when they leave their wife

On this day:- 7th December

In 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbour

In 1991 the Serbs bombarded Dubrovnik

and in 1783 William Pitt became prime minister at the age of 24.

John F Beaumont

Monday, 6 December 2010

Great drama

I went Christmas shopping at Westfields in Derby last Friday.

There was a great drama when a car caught fire in the underground car park and everyone had to be evacuated from the centre.

Westfields is a large shopping mall/complex so you can imagine the thousands of people standing around outside for an hour until the all clear was given.

I was very impressed with the security personnel who managed to clear the centre so quickly and efficiently.

Also i think the management of Westfields did an excellent marketing touch by allowing all the cars to exit without paying. They must have lost a lot of money but their customer relations has improved for the longer term.

An excellent job by all.

Getting excited about the six figure mentors webinar which is due this week.Watch this space

Thought for today: How does the person who drives the snowplough get to work?

Joke for today:- I rang up a local builder and said I want a skip outside my house.
I'm not stoppimg you he replied.

On this day:- 6th December

In 1926 Claude Monet died

In 1921 26 southern states in Ireland were granted independence

In 1988 Roy Orbison died

John F. Beaumont

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Brilliant Webinar

I attended a brilliant webinar last night hosted by Stuart one of my mentors.

It was all about how the Six FigureMentors group (of which I am a founding member) is developing.

There is an excellent new training system for marketing on the internet being developed.

It is nearly finished and once up and running will be one of the best if not the best training system on the market.

Just needs a few finishing touches before going live.

If interested go now to

Thought for today:- Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected?

Joke for today:- My dog has an ingrowing tail. I have to have him x-rayed to find out if he is happy.

On this day:- December 2nd

In 1859 John Brown was hanged for treason

In 1840 Napoleon crowned himself emperor

John F. Beaumont

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What a journey


Had to drive back home from Yorkshire last night along the M1. This journey normally takes about an hour but because of the weather conditions took us over 3 hours.

For a long while we were only doing 10 miles per hour following in the tracks of the vehicle in front. Snow had covered all the road markings.

Still we did better than the north bound carriageway which had come to a standstill because of jack-knifed lorries.

Snow is lovely to look at and play in but a b----- nuisance when travelling.

Still apart from that had a good trip.

Thought for today:- Do you enjoy life whatever the weather or do you let circumstances dictate your attitude?

Joke for today:- Advice to single girls. Don't look for a husband, look for a batchelor.

On this day:- 1st December

In 1834 the slaves of the British Cape Colony were emancipated causing much resentment by the Boers.

In 1990 the Channel Tunnel linking Britain and France was completed.

In 1935 Woody Allen was born

In 1939 Lee Trevino was born

John F. Beaumont

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Young Wimps

Hey the snow is falling, well if it was rising we would all be in trouble!!

As usual there is talk of schools closing etc etc.

When I went to school in the 1940's and 50's my schools (junior and grammar) never closed once. At senior school I had to cycle 5 miles every day and we were still expected to be on time!

Can you here the violins in the background?

Plus the winters were more severe on average than now

Just showing how tough we were!

Expect it's all to do with 'elf and safety today.

Thought for today:- Are you a toughie or a wimp in life?

Joke for today:- A good way to save water is to dilute it.

On this day:- 30th November

In 1900 Oscar Wilde died aged 46 in poverty.

In 1874 Winston Churchill was born

In 1835 Mark Twain was born.

In 1986 Admiral John Poindexter and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North were sacked

In 1936 The Crystal Palace burned down

John F. Beaumont

Monday, 29 November 2010


There is a great quote in my diary today.

It was by Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) the famous English physicist and mathematician.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

What a great quote! Here is a man who is accepted by most as being one of the greatest scientists of his age pointing out that he couldn't have done it without great mentorship.

I love this quote because it gives an insight into a great character. Sir Isaac didn't take all the kudos for himself but gave praise to others.

Also it points out that we all need help from others however clever we might be in our chosen field.

Thought for today:- Do you have mentors? Do you acknowledge their help?

Joke for today:-Learn from your parents mistakes. Use birth control.

On this day:- 29th November

In 1864 150 Native American Indians, including women and children,were massacred at Sand Creek, Colarado by US Cavalry. They had already surrendered and were unarmed.

In 1832 Louisa M. Alcott best remembered for Little Women was born

In 1898 C.S.Lewis author of the Narnia boooks was born.

John F. Beaumont

Friday, 26 November 2010

Beautiful day

Just got back from taking Owen for his walk. It is a beautiful, crisp frosty morning with a bleak sun shining. Lovely

Yesterday I signed up for some new software to help with my business. I was a bit annoyed initially as after I purchased it I then had to buy an add on. After that there was another bit I had to buy and so on. After the 3rd add on I decided I'd had enough!!

Why do people do that. It may get them more money in the short term but long term this lack of integrity will back fire on them.

Anyrate enough of my gripe let's get positive as life is too short to moan.

Thought for today. Are you compromising your integrity for short term gain?

Joke for today:- Does the name Pavlov ring any bells?

On this day:-26th November

In 1832 New York got it's first streetcars. Horse drawn

In 1922 Charles Schultz was born

In 1939 Tina Turner was born

John Beaumont

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How embarrasing!

I sent a broadcast to my list about an offer from Damian who is one of my mentors.

It's quite a good offer actually (I wouldn't have sent it otherwise!) However my internet protection system is advising me not to open the link because of potential problems. Oops.

This won't do my image any good.

Still hope it will be sorted shortly.

Apart from that a good day actually.

Thought for today:- If nothing sticks to Teflon how does it stay on the pan?

Joke for today:- I used some stripy toothpaste, Now i have stripy teeth.

On this day 24th November

In 1991 Freddie Mercury died

In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was shot

In 1859 Charles Darwin publishes the Origin of the Species

John Beaumont

Monday, 22 November 2010

They are back!


My fair or rather foul weather friends---the birds!! No pun intended!!

After several weeks of hardly seeing any they are back with a vengeance. All sorts although strangely the blackbirds have not appeared yet.

Yesterday a whole "flock" (I don't think that is the correct term) of starlings between 20 to 30 strong descended on my bird feeder. It looked like a rugby scrum!! Just wish I had my camera handy.

Costing me a fortune in bird food! Still well worthwhile seeing tem.

Thought for today: Are you enjoying nature?

Joke for today:- What would Geronimo shout if he jumped out of a plane?

On this day: 22nd November

In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated.

In 1718 the notorious pirate Blackbeard was killed

In 1943 Billie Jean King was born and in 1967 Boris Becker enterred the world.

John Beaumont

Friday, 19 November 2010

Why do people quit too easily?

Hi there,

Whilst swimming yesterday I was musing about some of the other people who go swimming on a regular basis.

I have been going regularly twice a week for over three years to my local swimming pool but cannot recall anyone else who has also been going there so long.

There are a few people that have been going for some time but most seem to come along and swim seriously for 2 or 3 weeks then completely disappear never to be seen again.

Obviously some of these people may have moved, gone elsewhere etc but most just quit.

The same thing seems to happen with starting most projects. There is a lot of initial enthusiasm which after a while wanes. I suppose it is because we all expect instant gratification these days.

Thought for today: Do you have the stamina to keep going especially if things get tough?

Joke for today:- What's the use of happiness. It can't buy you money.

On this day:- 19th November

In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Cape Cod.

In 1828 Franz Schubert died.

John Beaumont

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ouch! Having to pay out again

Hi there,

I've just had to pay out £1200 to have the damp sorted out at my property in Sunderland. It's

cost me a fortune this year. A pity really since we had to decorate earlier but hopefully the damp

proofing will not mean too much redecorating. Still you can't expect tenants to live with damp


I hope the 30 year guarantee won't be needed!

Yesterday I watched an interesting new video from John Assaraf about changing your life. Very good.

Thought for today:- Are you enjoying life? If not why not?

Joke for today: A man walks into the doctors. I haven't seen you for ages says the doctor. I know replies the man I've been ill.

On this day:- 17th November

In 1796 Catherine the Great died

In 1558 Queen Mary Tudor died

In 1869 The Suez Canal opened.

John Beaumont

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Loughborough Fair

Yep it's that time again.

Every year around armistace day we have the annual fair come to Loughborough. Doh! If it's annual it will come every year!!

Yesterday when I went swimming I watched the staff putting up the rides. It was very windy and I was very impressed how they went about it.

The whole of the centre of Loughborough is cordoned off and some very big rides are set up.

It's amazing how technology has brought about even bigger and more complicated rides each year. The cost of some of them must be in the millions bracket.

Still at least we still have the coconut shies etc for the oldies like me!!

Hey what am I talking about I'm not old just a mature youngster.

There have been some very interesting developments in mynetbiz with some exciting new products about to be launched.

Watch this space!!

Thought for today; I hope you are keeping up with all the new technologies coming forth. Great isn't it? I hope you think so.

Joke for today: Did you hear about the new "divorced" Barbie doll? It comes with all Ken's stuff.

On this day:- 12th November

In 1847 the first public demonstration of a new anaesthetic was given in by Sir James Simpson, Professor of Midwifery at the University of Edinburgh. It's common name? chloroform.

In 1660 John Bunyan was jailed for preaching without a licence.

In 1929 Grace Kelly was born

In 1944 the German battleship Tirpitz was sunk by the RAF


John Beaumont

Monday, 8 November 2010

The leaves are falling

Hi friends,

Well autumn is definitely here now (or fall as our American friends would say)

Interestingly most people assume that fall is an American term when in fact I believe it is olde English. So the English changed their term and not the other way round.

Actually I was listening once to an expert on language who said that if Shakespeare can back from the dead he would be more at home with the American accent then the English since it is the latter that has changed over time and not the American.

Mind you there are so many different dialects anyrate and presumably Shakespeare would have spoken with a Brummie (from Birmingham) accent

I listened to a Webinar the other day given by yournetbiz and they have a very exciting new product coming on to the market shortly so watch this space.

Internet marketing is developing at a fantastic rate now. Difficult to keep up with it!!

Thought for today:- Are you keeping up with things and developing yourself or are you stagnating?

Joke for today:- Some cause happiness wherever they go: somewhenever they go. Oscar Wilde

On this day:- 8th November

In 1980 John Lennon was murdered in New York

In 1941 Britain, Australia and the USA declared war on Japan.

Regards John Beaumont Internet Marketer

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Whats in a name?

Hi there

Got thinking about names again today.

When I was at school (back in the dark ages!) we always had nicknames for the teachers and most of our fellow prisoners oops sorry pupils.

In fact I was always called Percy or Perce. I don't know why but even today if I ran into anyone I knew from school they would call me Perce as I don't think they ever knew me as John. Strange isn't it?

Actually if you had a certain surname then you would be likely to be called by the first name associated with that name. For example all Wilsons were called Tug, Clarks were always Nobby, Frosts were Dusty etc.

You don't find that now do you. I wonder why not? Answers on a postcard please!!

Listened to a great Webinar this evening from the six figure mentors group of which I am a member. Very interesting. Will help me with my internet business no end.

Thought for today: What have you learned new today?

Joke for today:- Here's to alcohol-the cause of and the sokution to all of life's problems. Homer Simpson

John Beaumont

Monday, 18 October 2010

Being a true Brit

When it was Chris's birthday I bought him a card about being a true Brit.

We both thought it was very funny. Hope you do too.

Only in Britain can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

Only in Britain do supermarkets make sick people walk to the back of the shop to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

Only in Britain do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries and a DIET coke.

Only in Britain are there disabled parking places in front of an ice skating rink.

and finally:-

Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish Pub for a Belgian beer then on the way home grabbing an Indian curry or a Chinese takeaway, then sitting on your Swedish furniture watching American t.v show on a Japanese television.

What is so funny about it is that it is sooo true!

I think that this is a hang over from the Empire days when we got used to everything foreign.

Still at least we can laugh at ourselves!

Thought for today. Can you laugh at yourself?

Joke for today: Why was the Egyptian girl worried? Because her daddy was a mummy!

On this day 18th October
In 1989 San Francisco suffered an earthquake.
In 1922 The BBC was formed.
In 1931 Thomas Edison died

Best wishes
John Beaumont

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Splashed by my 96 year old "girlfriend"

Hi there

When I went swimming the other day just as I was about to enter the pool I was splashed by a 96 year old lady.

This "youngster" goes swimming 2/3 times a week the same as I do so I see her regularly.

Isn't great that at 96 years old she still keeps herself fit. Sure she only "potters about" now but even so it must be good for her.

Hey but not only that she still has fun. I hope that when I'm 96 I will still be able to go swimming and that I will still have fun splashing other people.

I'm busy writing more articles about my internet business. If interested look me up under whoisjohnbeaumont.

Thought for today: Are you still enjoying life? Are you having fun or is stress ruining your life? Hey lighten up and go splash someone.

On this day:- 14th October

In 1066. The battle of Hastings took place when William the Conquerer defeated Harold thus changing the course of history.

In 1977 Bing Crosby died

In 1947 the sound barrier was broked for the first time.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Poor Owen

Hi friends

At present we are having a new bathroon installed and as there is a lot of mess etc I have put Owen (the mad English Spaniel) into kennels.

The trouble is there have been a few problems so I have kept putting Owen's release date back!!

Hope he will forgive me..

I haven't posted a blog for a few weeks as I have been on holiday. In fact the bathroom was going to be done whilst we were away but as usual "the best laid plans of mice and men" went astray.

The main reason was that my step-daughter Jill sudenly went into hospital with DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which was very serious although fortunately she is now on the mend. As her husband Tim was doing the bathroom for us this caused problems. That's putting it mildly!

Any rate it is looking good so it will be great when it's finished.

I'm still working hard on my internet business which is now going well. I've joined The Six Figure Mentors Group which is really excellent.

I'll be posting an update about it as soon as my nice new website is ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled.

Well I must get ready to go off for my swim. As I'm not taking Owen for walks at the moment I'm putting on weight.

Thought for today: Are you appreciating your friends and family? It is quite frightening how they could suddenly be taken from us

Joke for today:- Success is relative. The more success the more relatives!!

On this day:- 5th October

In 1954 Bob Geldof was born

In 1969 Monty Python's Flying Circus first episode was shown on TV

In 1930 the R101 airship crashed with the loss of 48 lives.

John Beaumont

Internet Marketer

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Hi ,

A friend of mine has unfortunately just died and whilst talking to a mutual friend the subject of traditions at funerals came up.

I think it is a shame that some traditions are falling by the wayside.

For example I was always taught that when a neighbour dies we should draw the curtains as the funeral cortege passes.

In fact I did this after we first moved into our home and a neighbour who I never had the chance to meet died. I was very surprised that ,whilst "the other old school neighbours did the same, none of the younger ones did.

I realise it may be just a small point but I believe such small courtesies are the "oil" of civilisation.

In fact I was quite touched when at my mother's funeral a few years ago a complete stranger stood at the side of the road with his hat in his hand as the funeral procession passed.

There are several other traditions which I would like to see kept. Policemen and members of the armed forces always used to salute as a coffin passed by even for a total stranger.

Certainly we should all pause as a funeral goes passed us.

In fact I get annoyed if I see cars passing on a dual carriageway. For goodness sake can't we wait for a few minutes?

I'm all for progress but we shouldn't "throw the baby out with the bathwater"

Enough of my rant.

My internet business is going well now. I've a few more articles under my belt too.

Thought for today. Have you been courteous to the people you have met?

Joke for today:- Death is hereditary

On this day-
2nd September

In 1945 Japan formally surrendered. Interestingly the war started for the U.K. on the 3rd September (but 1939) Strange coincidence I hadn't noticed before. Ended on the 2nd and started on the 3rd

In 1973 Tolkein died.

In 1942 the Germans destroyed the Warsaw Ghetto killing 50,000 Jews

John Beaumont internet marketer

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What is the point of Facebook?


I have been musing about Facebook and trying to come to ascertain what purpose it serves.

Yes I know it is very popular and it has been very successful (particularly for the owners!!) but why do we use it?

Originally I assume the purpose was to enable friends/relations to keep in touch.

Obviously by posting information oncce then all your contacts can know what you are up to (assuming you want them to know!) and this is very useful. It saves time trying to tell everyone individually.

However look what is happening now.

I'm sure, like me, you are getting lots of requests to be "friends" with people you have never before even heard of.

It is being increasing used as a marketing tool and that is fine by me providing people are open about it.

However to see that Bill Blogs is going to McDonalds for a burger is hardly interesting let alone earth shattering!

If Facebook is to continue in the long term and not be a five minute wonder then people will have to start posting more interesting information.

The other main purpose appears to be to "help" people playing games. Get a life!!

Well I suppose that answers my question. What is the point of Facebook?

To give people pleasure.

I suppose that is probably the best reason ever.

Thought for today:- Are you enjoying life? If not why not? You had better wake up as you don't know how many days you may have left to enjoy your life.

Joke for today:- Life is an open door. It can be closed at any time so don't complain about the draft.

On this day:- 1st September.

In 1939 Germany invaded Po;and

In 1972 Bobby Fischer became the first American world chess champion

John Beaumont internet marketer

Monday, 30 August 2010

I nearly fell off my chair


Last night I was watching a new (at least I think it is new--it was to me anyrate) programme on the BBC called Trackers.

Basically this is a programme where they trace people for you but they also have a financial expert who traces the people to whom amounts of money are owed.

Apparently there are billions of unclaimed money floating around in financial institutions.

At the end of this programme they had invited some people to a gathering in London where they disclosed to them money to which they were entitled.

These people didn't know why they had been asked to attend.

After disclosing some smaller amounts to some people they finished by calling three siblings together.

Imagine my surprise when I recognised them. In factI nearly fell off my chair.(Actually I was sitting on the settee but that doesn't sound so good---"I nearly fell off my settee!")

Anyrate I digress. These siblings are cousins of Sue (my better half) and it had been found that there long deceased parents Bill & Audrey who I had known had a savings plan set up for their children.

This plan had been fogotten about but the financial expert had found it and they now had a share of £25000.

Wow. Great for them. Must remember to give them a ring!! Only joking but I bet they find some "friends" they didn't know they had!!

Thought for today> Do you still keep in touch with you relations?
Joke for today:- Success is relative. The more success the more relatives!
On this day:-
In 30bc Mark Anthony committed suicide at the court of Cleopatra

In 1901 the vacuum cleaner was patented by a Scotsman Hubert Booth

In 1963 a direct telephone line between the Kremlin and the White House became operational

John Beaumont Internet Marketer

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Great Webinar

Listened to a great webinar last night.

All about how to build a six figure income on the internet.

Fortunately I have incorporated most of the advice into my internet business but it still gave me new ideas.

Surprising how we can learn something new every day.

I suppose that is what can keep us young.

The most interesting thing is how building a successful internet marketing business is simple.

Note that I said simple not easy!

The basic principle is simple but putting it into practice is more difficult.

See my website if you would like more information.

Thought for today: What did you learn new today?

Joke for today:- A bear walks into a pub and takes a bite outof the bar. Get out screams the barman we don't serve druggies here. I'm not a druggie replies the puzzled bear. Oh no? says the barman what about the "bar bit you ate"?

On this day 29th August:-
In 1877 Brigham Young the Mormon leader died.

In 1958 Michael Jackson was born

In 1885 the first motorcycle was patented

In 1949 Richard Gere was born

John Beaumont internet marketer

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Found the Family Mansion

Yep true

Sue and I found The Wilderness. What's The Wilderness?

It is the mansion which my great grandfather 5 times removed lived in and I believe built back in the 1720's. If he didn't have it built at least he extended it. I'm seeking more information on this.

From searching family history we found that this gentleman Sir John Pratt was Lord Chief Justice of England from 1718 until 1725 and interim Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1721.

He bought The Wilderness in Seal Kent.

It is a magnificant building now owned by a blind school and we were shown part of it by the director of education who happened to be there.

It has one of the best Georgian staircases in the country.

Afterwards we went to see the local church where there are plaques on the wall in memory of family members as well as stained glass windows provided by them.

Nearby was the family vault.

It was very interesting realising that my forefathers walked in the same spot as me all those years ago.

Thought for today: Do you appreciate what your ancestors did for you?

Joke for today:- What do you get if you cross an owl with a skunk?
Something that smells but doesn't give a hoot!

On this day:- In 79AD Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii
In 1724 George Stubbs the great horse painter was born

Monday, 23 August 2010

A great weekend

Hi there

Went sailing last weekend. This was a birthday treat from Sue. (my birthday was in March but I had only just got round to sorting out a date! )

This was the first time I have gone sailing in about 30 years and I really enjoyed it.

We went to Brighton and went out on a 27ft day sailboat. Was it rough! There had been a storm overnight so the sea was very choppy. (Thats putting it mildly!)

Besides the skipper we had 5 crew initially but the waves were so bad that 3 felt ill including Sue so we returned to the marina and just the skipper, a young woman and I continued.

It was great.

Think I will take up sailing again.

I didn't do any work on my internet business so will get stuck in again this week.

I wrote another article today and I am getting an average of two a week published on the internet.

Thought for today. Are you glad you are alive?

Joke for today:- Did you hear about divorce Barbie? It comes with all Ken's stuff!

On this day:- 23rd August.
In 1926 Rudolph Valentino died.
In 1912 Gene Kelly was born
In 1940 German bombers began night raids on London

John Beaumont

Friday, 13 August 2010

It's all a question of attitude

Hi there

Yesterday two bits of information came my way which I found very interesting.

The first was that 77% of all new jobs in the UK were taken by foreigners ie people not born in the UK.

One reason given was that many Britons prefer to claim handouts rather that work for a living.

On the other hand there was a programme on TV where a managing director went under cover to see what was really going on with his work force.

During this period he met one of his work force who unfortunately has a rare form of cancer which is now too late to cure.

This gentleman has to travel some distance on a fairly regular basis to have specialist treatment.

Despite this he still goes to work full time and has a very cheerful disposition. Not only that but when he has to go for his treatment he doesn't ask for time off but takes it as his holiday entitlement.

He said that whilst he is still capable of working then that is what he will do.

What a difference in attitude!

Here is one guy who doesn't feel sorry for himself and still pulls his weight in society when others are quite prepared to sit on their backsides and allow you and me to support them.

Thought for today. Are you a player or a passenger? I know which is better for the soul!

Joke for today:- What animals were the last to leave the ark? The elephants. They had to pack their trunks! Boom boom!

On this day:
In 1910 Florence Nightingale famous as the lady with the lamp whilst nursing in the Crimea War died.

In 1946 H.G.Wells died

In 1860 Annie Oakley was born and in 1899 Alfred Hitchcock made his first appearance.

John Beaumont

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Exciting or what? Well it is for me!

Hi there

Found out something exciting this week. Well exciting for me although probably boring for you!

Actually it was Sue who found out this information as she is the one who is more involved in family history than me.

What she found out was that my great great gggggrandfather was a famous British judge and politician back in the early 18th century.

His name was Sir John Pratt (note the "Sir") A member of the aristocracy no less!

He was a Member of Parliament then went on to be Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1721 and was also Lord Chief Justice of England from 1718 to 1725.

One of his sons (the younger brother of my direct ancestor) was created Earl Camden in 1786 and was a personal friend of William Pitt the famous Prime Minister.

He was heavily involved in the discussions regarding taxing the colonies and in fact I believe he was against it. If he had got his way the American War of Independence may not have occurred.

Anyrate its strange how finding out such information affected me. For some reason it has given me much more confidence to build my internet business. Strange really.

Obviously the family went downhill from then onwards!!

Thought for today. Do you appreciate what your ancestors have done for you?

Joke for today:- When flying try to keep the number of landings equal to the number of take-offs.

On this day:- August 7th
In 1957 Oliver Hardy died.
In 1926 the first British Gran Prix motor race was held. The average speed of the winning car was 71.61 mph (115.24 kph)


John Beaumont

He also formed Camden Town a well known area of London.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

It ain't my fault guv.

Hi there

At present in the UK there is still a lot of talk about a "gentleman" who shot his former girlfriend wounding her and then shot dead her new boyfriend.

After that he then shot an unarmed police officer who was just sitting in his patrol car causing severe facial injuries and the loss of at least one eye.

After several days he was cornered by the police and after some hours negotiating then shot himself. Now his mother brother et al are blaming the police for his death and the inevitable enquiry costing pounds will now ensue.

Sorry but he was a nasty piece of work. He had just been released from prison for assaulting his 9 year old daughter for goodness sake and then goes on to shoot his girlfriend etc.

Why oh why are the poor old police being blamed,

Surely his family must bear some of the blame? After all they brought him up not he police!
Maybe they would gain more respect if they appeared to be more concerned for his victims and their families.

As usual it's "it ain't my fault gov". Let's blame everyone else so we don't feel guilty.

Sorry for the rant but there does appear to be a trend in society for us not to take responsibility for our actions.

In the first company I ever worked for the managing director always insisted that no one would ever get into trouble for making a mistake PROVIDED that they admitted it immediately so that everyone concerned could pull together and rectify it. It was the best environment I ever worked in as people were much more relaxed and therefore made less mistakes. Simple eh?

Thought for today:- Are we big enough to take responsibility for our mistakes?

Joke for today:- A man is checking into an hotel. The receptionist asks him if he would like a room with a bath or a shower. What's the difference asks the man. Well explains the clerk in a bath you can sit down. Boom boom

On this Day:-

  • In 1977 New York City was blacked out after electrical storms knocked out power supplies.
  • In 1955 Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in the U.K. for murdering her lover.
  • In 1883 "General" Tom Thumb died aged 45

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Going on holiday?

I received and have put out to my internet marketing list some interesting thoughts about holiday planning.
It's interesting how just before we go on holiday most of us make lists so that we are sure we have done everything that needs to be done before we go.
You know like cancel the papers check the passport is in order etc.
It seems to work quite well doing this list.
So why don't we do this all the time?
If we make a list of 6 things we must do the next day before we go to bed and then look at this list the next morning and ensure we complete everything we can before the day is out we start to create a great new habit.
It is estimated that after 20 days the new habit is so ingrained we become much more productive.
Make sense to me!
Thought for today. Are you going to try it?
Joke for today: Parent to child. What did you learn at school today? Child. Not enough I have to go back tomorrow.
On this day:- June 24th
In 1876 it was Custer's last stand!
In 1990 the first two women Angican priests were ordained
John Beaumont

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What weather!

Oops I am being the typical Englishman here by talking about the weather. I suppose it is because we have such changeable weather that we talk about it a lot.
During the past week we have had very hot weather, pouring rain and flipping cold! In fact I have just put the central heating on as Owen (my scatty English springer spaniel)and I got soaked on our walk and very cold.
Hey perhaps the Icelandic volcano is having some affect and "they" aren't telling us!
Still at least it makes life interesting.
I have been writing more articles about internet marketing so if you have any interest in this subject then check out my website
Thought for today:- Do we enjoy life whatever the weather? Kids seem to.
On this day 9th June
In 1870 Charles Dickens died
In 1934 Donald Duck was "born"

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So typically English

On Monday which was a Bank Holiday Sue and I went to a local country fair at a place with the lovely name of Oaks in Charnwood.
We really enjoyed it as it was so typically English. It wasn't a fair like a circus just local people with tents etc showing local arts and so on. I don't suppose the style has changed over many years so it was a bit like going back in time.
In fact for Sue it really was going back in time. The local Girl Guides had a tent showing how the movement had progressed over the years. Whilst looking at some old uniforms Sue suddenly said that looks like mine from when I was a girl. Guess what? On looking at it further it WAS her old guide uniform.
A few years ago Sue actually ran a guide company and at one event she gave her old schoolgirl guides uniform to another leader for an exhibition. Sue had totally forgotten about this and had often wondered what had happened to her old uniform.
Interestingly enough the guiders there didn't know the history behind the uniform as the name tag inside was in Sue's maiden name so Sue was able to tell them all about it especially as there was her old journal there and 'photos of her at some event.
It just goes to show that you don't know when your past will catch up with you!!
I'm still getting on well with my internet business. My list is now growing well and I'm getting even more visitors to my website
Thought for today:- Be nice to everyone as further down the line you may have to rely on them!
Joke for today: Advice for single girls, Don't look for a husband, look for a batchelor! Boom boom.
On this day: 2nd June
In 1953 Queen Elizabeth11 was crowned queen at Westminster Abbey.
In 1896 Marconi took out the first patent for a wireless telegraphy apparatus
In 1857 Sir Edward Elgar was born

Monday, 24 May 2010

Do other species communicate with us?

Eh? Have I taken leave of my senses? This is going to sound a bit "off the wall" but it is something that fascinates me so please bear with me.
A couple of years ago I was trimming a hedge in my garden. This was at the end of the bird nesting season so I was just tidying up the edges as I felt that I was not doing any harm to any wildlife. Suddenly a wasp landed on my hand. It didn't sting me but just "sat" there. I gently shook it off only to have it return and sting me. It was quite bizarre as the wasp appeared to deliberately come back to specifically sting me. For some reason this caused me to pause in the trimming and upon looking further along the hedge I discovered a well hidden wasp nest about 3 feet away. If the wasp had not stung me I would have cut straight into the nest with reuslts I would rather not thing about! To this day I am sure that the wasp was trying to warn me.
Interestingly a few years previously when I lived at another house we again discovered a wasp nest in the garden. This was in a tree and we didn't discover it until the autumn when the leaves came off. Strangely we had been sitting under this tree all summer without realising we had a wasp nest just feet above our heads! Obviously we didn't disturb the wasps and they didn't disturb us.
The same thing applies to ants. We have several quite large (by U.K. standards) ants nests in the garden. In fact one of our regular visitors expressed surprise at the number and size of the nests. The point is that despite having so many ants around they never come into the house whereas other people in the neighbourhood who have ants nests regard them as a nuisance. Despite putting down poison they keep entering their houses.
So do wasps,ants etc know who cares for them and leave us alone or am I just being fanciful?
I am still working steadily on my internet business and is looking good.
Thought for today:- Do we care enough about our wildlife and do all we can to protect them?
Joke for today:- I grew up with six brothers. Thats how I learned to dance--waiting for the bathroom. Bob Hope
On this day:- In 1819 Queen Victoria was born
In 1941 Bob Dylan was born

Monday, 17 May 2010

Onward and upward

Over the weekend Sue and I went to the old Snibston Colliery for a special event involving vintage transport. The site, which closed down in the 1980's, is now a very interesting museum.

I had to laugh as I could remember most of the cars on show being released new! That dates me.
This brought home to me how time flies. The number of things I was going to do in my life which never got done because I put it off until tomorrow. As they say tomorrow never comes.
However in my case I don't think it is too late to still achieve most of them so I'm going for it!
Are you?
This is why instead of sitting with my feet up in retirement I am pushing ahead with my internet business. Look me up if you want to see my progress at Nudge nudge.
Thought for today: Are you putting something important off until tomorrow that you could do today. Even telling your partner/kids that you love them?
Joke for today: Life may not be worth living but what else can you do with it?
On this day 17th May:-
In 1861 the first "package" holiday organised by Thomas Cook took place. On the same day the first colour photograph was exhibited at the Royal Institution in London
In 1510 Botticelli died.
In 1900 Mafeking was relieved. Colonel Robert Baden-Powell (of scouting fame)was in charge of the defence of Mafeking

Monday, 10 May 2010

Are we allowed to take enough risks?

Hi friends
Are we allowed to take enough risks in life? The reason I ask is that last week a cadet on a sailing ship unfortunately died after falling from the rigging. Very sad.
However I think that todays youth do not get enough opportunity to test themselved because of the 'elf and safety brigade.
When I was at school in the 1950's I joined the cadet force. Initially we spent a year in the army detachment before we could choose to either stay on the army side or transfer to the navy or airforce branches.
During the first year we went on quite realistic army excercises which included being issued with live ammunition. We had live firing on full scale long range butts. When not firing we were based underneath the targets with pointers to show whoever was firing where their bullet went. Very exciting for a fourteen year old!
The following years I went to sea when on annual camp. This involved climbing up a rope ladder in the middle of the ocean from a small boat onto a frigate. The sea was quite choppy as well.
One time we climbed up onto HMS Blackpool. This was in 1958 and Blackpool was a brand new frigate at the time just undergoing her sea trials. Whilst we were on her she fired her brand new anti submarine mortars for the first time. These were the latest state of the art weapons then so just before they fired them we were all told to flatten ourselves face down on the deck in case bits of metal flew off.
I don't think that many youngsters get the same opportunities today.
Still I now get excitement from building my internet business instead.
Thought for today. Did you take any exciting (but legal/moral) risks today?
Joke for today:- Last week I replaced every window in my house. Then I discovered I had a crack in my glasses.
On this day 10th May:- In 1849 troops opened fire on a rioting crowd in Ney York killing 22 people.
In 1940 Winston Churchill became Prime Minister replacing Chamberlain
In 1863 Stonewall Jackson died from wounds obtained from friendly fire

Friday, 30 April 2010

Strictly for the birds

I noticed today how the feeding patterns of the birds visiting my garden had changed.
During the winter I had lots of finches visiting and eating the niger seed I had put out. The last week or so they haven't been near the place. On the other hand I hardly saw a sparrow all winter and now there are quite a few coming to the garden. ( I have put out the same mixture of bird food all the time) I suppose there must be alternatives to my fare. Talk about fairweather friends!
When I used to do security work at night it always fascinated me to see that the blackbirds were always still "working" at dusk and that they were the first birds to be seen at dawn. No I'm not being racist here but I wonder if their colour has something to do with this? Perhaps being black gives them more scope to work in safety with diminishing light?
Hey Chris has been a busy boy. He has been helping me with my website and doing an excellent job putting some things together for me.
So my thought for today:- Do we really appreciate what others do for us or do we sometimes take help too much for granted?
Joke for today:- This is an important announcement for drivers travelling on the M62 to London.
The M62 doesn't go to London. Boom boom.
On this day: 30th April
In 1945 Hitler committed suicide
In 1789 Washington became president. Bet not many people know that he started the war between France and Britain when he was a British officer.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Democracy. Just a myth?

Hey I was thinking about my last blog and my thoughts turned to democracy.

Are we a democratic society still? In fact have we ever been?

The reason I ask is that in the U.K. at the present time there is a lot of talk abour recycling.

In my area we already have 4 systems for rubbish or as our American friends would say garbage.

One bin is for garden rubbish which can be composted. A second is for glass/old clothing. The third is for plastic/paper and last but not least is the bin for material that cannot be recycled.

However there was an article in the paper recently where it was stated that we could all end up with 8 or 9 bins/bags for different types of recycled material. We will need a degree in recycling soon!!

Now I am all for recycling where possible but my point is that a large proportion of the populace is up in arms about it. They don't want 8/9 bins!

So? My question is then why should we be made to follow this line. If we are a democratic society then we tell the authorities that it is not acceptable. Ah but this is E.U. legislation. Hey the E.U. is supposed to be democratic isn't it?

The same argument applies to speed cameras. Most people appear to doubt their effect (apart from raising extra money!) and want them removed. This does not appear to be happening though so where is democracy?

Enough of my rant. Let's be cheerful. At least we can afford all the consumer goods which are then recycled and own cars which can break speed limits. Many people in the world would love these benefits.
Chris has done some more work on my website and I have written another mini article
Thought for today: Who you are and who you will become is up to you
Joke for today: A frog's perspective on life: time's fun when you're having flies. (Think about it)
On this day: 28th April
In 1945 Mussolini was killed
In 1789 the mutiny on the Bount took place
In 1770 Captain Cook lands in Botany Bay

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Election...snore

Hi there

Hey isn't the UK election getting exciting. Well isn't it? Only another fortnight and it will all be over. Or will it. If we have a hung parliament then we will have to suffer more agonies.
The strange thingabout ,politiciansthis election (which I have found so noticable when compared with past ones) is the lack of people showing their "colours". For example in my town I have only seen one house where they have put up a flier in their window showing for whom they will vote.
In all my years I have never seen this before. Normally a lot of houses have fliers in their windows and also on their car windows. I wonder why this is. Why are people so reluctant to show who they will vote for this time? The trouble is I think that following the expenses debacle politicians are now held in far less regard. This is a pity since they are all that stand between us and anarchy. So yes I will be voting because I feel it is important to recognise that our ancestors had to fight to get the vote and by not voting I feel we are letting them down.
Who to vote for though. Well that's another matter!
Chris is doing some more work for me on my website www.who Looking good

Thought for today: Do you appreciate what your ancestors had to fight for? Give thanks that many of the things we take for granted today have only happened because some people stuck their neck out for them.
Joke for today: If builders built houses the way lawyers write laws then the first woodbecker to come along would destroy civilisation.
On this day: 23rd April
Hey it's St Georges Day. The patron saint of England
In 1616 a gentleman of the theatre called Mr William Shakespeare died at the age of 52 Strange coincidence. On the same day in 1616 Miguel de Cervantes author of Don Quixote also died.

Monday, 19 April 2010

The Blitz remembered

Hi friends
At present on UK TV they are celebrating (surely that's NOT the right word!) the fact that it is 70 years since the UK suffered the blitz.
Whilst the armed forces have received many accolades for the work they carried out I don't think the civilian population received as much praise as they should have done. Most of the images you now see are of people stoically surviving in the underground tube stations in London although of course many other towns and cities were bombed very badly too.
However we seem to hear very little about the civilians who had to "carry on" throughout the raids.
Take my mum and dad for example. They were both fire watchers. In fact my dad had just retired at 65 years old and instead of sitting in front of the fire with his pipe and slippers he was on top of Hackney Town Hall ( a borough in the east end of London) helping direct the fire sevices to where they were needed most. "Hairy" or what? Imagine being on top of one of the tallest local buildings with bombs falling all around. My mum was there too and she told me but for going into a neighbours shelter on the first air raid she never went in one again. Prefered to take her chance in the open. They were both trained to enter burning buildings to rescue people who were trapped without all the equipment taken for granted now. The "elf" and safety brigade would have kittens now! However after having a couple of hours "shut eye" mum had to be up to go to work. After a raid the communication systems particularly transport were in chaos and mum often had to walk from the east end where she lived to the west end of London where she was seconded to The Ministry of Supply. Can you imagine scuttling passed burning buildings tripping over fireman's hoses to get to work and not even knowing if your work place would still be there. One day she had to wake up a fireman up who had gone to sleep directing his hose on a burning building. The poor man was utterley exhausted. It didn't help that mum then pointed out flames coming from another source!
Hey I think someone should make a film about all these unsung heros. The didn't even get any medals.
Thought for today: Did you manage to get to work today without dodging a burning building? Yes? Then it was a great day wasn't it.
Joke for today:- Did you here about the guy who lost his left leg and left arm in an accident?
His all right now.
On this day:- 19th April
In 1775 the first skirmishes of The American War of Independence broke out at Lexington Green.
In 1956 Grave Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco.
IN 1882 Charles Darwin died

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stuck in a Car Wash!

Yep, I got stuck in a car wash yesterday. Disgusting. Using a car wash! Should have washed it by hand myself but I was in a hurry. Thats my terminology for being lazy.What about your carbon footprint I hear you exclaim? (what a stupid name. Wonder who thought of that. Its "carbon" in the air we should be concerned about not underfoot) Anyrate I digress. There was I sitting in the car with soap suds all around when suddenly NOTHING. The machine stopped. My distress was noticed by a gardener who went and told the nice garage man. Unfortunately he was on his own and by "sods law" a stream of cars came onto the forecourt to fill up with the gold dust. Oops I mean petrol. So I had to wait patiently well fairly patiently whilst all the people passed me by (trying not to laugh I think),

However I now know how a goldfish in a bowl feels!

Anyrate the nice man managed to get across to the machine and with one push of a button I was free.

Mind you a bit ironic really when today we have a cloud of volcanic ash over the U.K.! Might have to wash it again. Hey thats a point perhaps I should rush out and buy shares in carwash manufacturers (or umbrellas)

Joke for today:- A nervous person says to the nurse "I'm really worried because I read about a man who was in hospital because of heart trouble but he died of malaria. Don't worry replied the nurse, in this hospital if you have a heart trouble you will die of heart trouble.

Thought for today: Sómetimes you have to go back to the past to create the future.

On this day: 15th April
In 1753 Dr Samuel Johnson published his Dictionary
In 1955 the first McDonalds was opened in San Bernardino California

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Courage what is it?

When taking Owen for his constitutional this morning I passed by our local cemetary. On one of the little gravestones there is the words "born asleep" I think that is a lovely term although very sad of course.

This got me thinking back to when I lived at Southminster on the Essex marshes many moons ago. I had a neighbour who was a devout Roman Catholic. She had two young boys but always wished for a little girl to complete her family. She actually got pregnant again twice and on both occasions it was a little girl who wanted to enter our lovely world. Unfortunately this lady had some health issues (not sure what) and was told both times that the child would only live for a few hours after birth. This information was given to her at an early stage of the pregnancy. Because of this she was advised each time to have the pregnancy terminated but because of her religious beliefs she declined. So both times a little girl was born who didn't stay with us very long. I'm not a Roman Catholic but I can't help admiring this neighbours tremendous faith. What courage to go through all the pains of pregnancy knowing that your child had no chance of surviving. We normally think of heroics as something immediate like rushing into a burning building to rescue someone but a long term ordeal like this takes some beating.
Thought for today. Let us appreciate all the things we don't have that we wouldn't want
Joke for today:- A woman marries a man expecting that he will change but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change but she does.
On this day:- In 1860 the first delivery by pony express arrived in California after the 1800 mile journey.
In 1732 Frederick North the English Prime Minister who introduced the Tea Act which led to the Boston Tea Party was born.
In 1743 Thomas Jefferson the American President responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independence was born. Ironic in view of above? Both characters having the same birthday

Monday, 29 March 2010

What a change in the weather

Beautiful spring weather during the weekend just gone. Today, Monday it is cold and pouring with rain. In fact they have promised snow tomorrow but I think we are too far south for that. Famous last words. I have been writing more articles to add to my website Hopefully they will be of interest to people. (if not animals??) Stupid statement.
I had a wry laugh yesterday when I read that Gordon Brown was starting his election campaign in Nottingham. Why? Well because Mr (actually I believe it is Dr as he has a PhD in history) has chosen to start his campaign in the same city where another famous person started his campaign. Yep King Charles 1st raised his standard at the start of the English Civil War in Nottingham and we all know how that ended!! Ironic especially when you know that Gordon has a degree in history!! Still perhaps he subconsciously knows he will lose or perhaps he wants to!!
Actually I am fed up with the election all ready and it is only just starting. Surely every sane person must know what style of leadership they want after 4/5 years of any government? Yet the floating voters have the final say when most of us know which party we will vote for after looking at the results of the current government. Either you think they have done a good job or not.
Anyrate:- Thought for today:- Be thankful for what you have and equally thankful for what you don't have. (Think about it)
Joke for today:- Two flies are playingfootball in a saucer. We had better play better than this next week says one. Why? replies the other. Because we are playing in the cup. Boom boom

On this day: 29th March
In 1886 a new fizzy drink went on sale in Atlanta. The name? Coca-Cola
In 1929 The House of Commons voted to give the vote to all women over 21 years old.
In 1827 10,000 mourners attended Beethoven's funeral

John Beaumont

Friday, 19 March 2010

Alls well that ends well

I thought the story about the kidnapping of the 5 year old boy Sahil Saeed showed both the worst of humanity but also the best.
The worst of course is that people can snatch a young boy putting him through goodness knows what trauma. They deserve to get the book thrown at them.
On the other hand the way his local community rallied round and the cooperation of the various police forces showed just how much people cared.
The extended family and local community sold gold jewellery, family heirlooms etc to raise the ransom. That shows true kindness and concern for others.
Then we saw the police forces of Pakistan, U.K. France and Spain all cooperating to ensure that the kidnappers were brought to book.
I continued writing articles about internet marketing this week. Helps me focus and hopefully helps others.
Hana my lovely Czech daughter in law sent me some prezzies. Very thoughtful of her. I must go and visit them in Prague again shortly.

Thought for today: Most people are basically kind and care for others. We just seem to hear all about the bad things whereas most of the daily good happenings seem to be ignored by the media.

Joke for today:- A waiter brings a man the steak he ordered but is pressing the steak to the plate with his thumb. That is very unhygienic complains the man. It will be more unhygienic if I drop it on the floor again replies the waiter.

On this day:- 19th March
In 1932 the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened.
In 1848 Wyatt Earp was born

John Beaumont

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Happy birthday to me

Hi all
Hey it's my birthday today. Another year younger. Yep YOUNGER. I decided a few years back that I wasn't going to get any older so each birthday I get a year younger. I will soon be passing 40 again but this time going downwards.According to my records I may be a YAP (young age pensioner) but I actually feel only about 25 years old. When I look into a mirror I have a bit of a shock. Who is that old man looking back at me!!
They (who is "they"?) say that you are as young as you feel and I still feel young. Strange isn't it?
Anyone want to challenge me to a sprint?

Thought for today:- How old to you feel?
Joke for today:- How do you leave Las Vegas with a small fortune? Go in with a big one.
On this day:- 9th March
In 1942 I was born. What a great day!
In 1934 Yuri Gagarin the first man in space was born
In 1943 Bobby Fischer the world chess champion in 1972 was born
In 1945 Micky Dolenz a founder member of the Monkees was born
In 1945 Bill Beaumont (no relation) the English Rugby captain was born

Hey look at all those famous people born on March 9th!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Well done EDF

Wow. I have to report great service from a utility supply company. Bet that doesn't happen that often! Oh what a cynic I am becoming. Seriously though it is really nice when you get good service isn't it?
What happened is that when Tim got up to my property in Sunderland he found that somehow the departed tenant had left with an outstanding amount of nearly £100 on her electricity bill. This is supposedly a pre-paid meter so how that happened I don't know.
Since Tim needed to start work immediately Sue rang the supplier EDF Energy Customers plc and told them the problem. No electricity no work! Andrew Miller of EDF Pre Payment Dept in Sunderland was very helpful. He told Sue that if Tim arranged to put the £100 on the prepaid electricity "key" plus some extra to cover his electric needs then EDF would repay the amount that the tenant owed (can't find the tenant. Totally disappeared). As good as their word as soon as we submitted the receipts to them they sent a cheque for the full amount by return.
So I'm very pleased with both their helpful service and their integrity.

Thought for today:- Why do so many companies go chasing after new business giving special offers etc whilst neglecting their exisiting customers? It is easier to keep an existing customer if you give good service than trying to get a new one.

Joke for today:- Joe goes into a butcher's shop where there is some beef hanging on a rack quite high up. Bet you can't touch that beef says the butcher. No thanks says Joe. The steaks are too high! Boom boom

On this day:- 8th March.
In 1906 the British Government published a book that claimed that it was now possible to travel round the world without ever leaving the Dominions of Great Britain.
In 1931 James Dean was born
In 1702 Queen Anne accedes to the English throne after William 111 dies in a riding accident

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The saga continues

The problems with my Sunderland property continue. Found out the floorboards in the kitchen area were rotten so Tim had to renew joists and flooring.
Still by the time we are finished it will be virtually a new house or at least it will be inside.
We had some more snow today. In fact it is still snowing but not really settling.
I have just been looking at The Secret film again. It is brilliant but not so easy to put the theory into practice though. Still I'm trying. My family agree. They say I'm very trying. Boom boom
Thought for today:- Experts are not always right. On T.V. this evening there were two economists arguing over the correct route to take for the UK economy. Their views were so different.
Joke for today:-Farmer Giles used to take his pigs to market every Wednesday but could never sell even one animal. Then he discovered that market day was on Friday!
On this day 18th February.
In 1564 Michelangelo died at the age of 89
In 1546 Martin Luther died at the age of 63
In 1678 the first part of Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan was published,

Monday, 15 February 2010

What a day!

I think I will go and hide. No that's just for wimps. Great start to the day. Tim who has gone up to start work on my property in Sunderland rang me first thing in the morning. The electric meter had a minus amount of £97 in arrears. How can a prepaid meter have arrears let alone that amount??. So had to contact the utility company. Eventually got it sorted or rather Sue did as when I got through I couldn't hear or understand a word that was being said.
Later got a call from Tim as there was a lot of damp on the kitchen wall. First of all he thought it was a leaking gutter but now thinks could be a leaking roof instead. Hey ho what a life.
He spent a lot of the day clearing away rubbish from the back yard. It turns out it was mainly household refuse which stank so much it made Tim gag. What has the council been doing. They should have been collecting at least fortnightly. Why was I paying good money for a company to be looking after the property. Must have seen me coming. I have to laugh otherwise I would cry.
The viral marketing seems to be very successful for my internet business so will keep following this up.
Still I had a good swim today although the kids are on half term so a bit more crowded than usual.

Thought for today:- Changing the way you perceive yourself may be the key to changing your life.

Joke for today:-A young boy is showing his friends the family photo album when he notices a picture of this parens wedding. "This is the day that mummy came to work for us" he says.

On this day:- In 1971 Britain went decimal and said goodbye to tanners, bobs, florins and half-crowns.
In 1952 King George VI was buried
In 1898 US battleship Maine exploded and sank in Havana harbour.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Who can you trust?

Last week I went up to see my property in Sunderland. Because of the distance I appointed local management agents to look after and maintain the property. Doh what a mistake! Talk about slapdash decorating if you can politely call it that. Several jobs which I paid for and which were supposedly carried out by professionals were either not done or very carelessly carried out.
I know, I know should have carried out due diligence but hey when you employ supposedly professional people you shouldn't have to keep checking on them. Whats happened to professional pride?
Enough of my rant. Lets get back to being positive and happy. Boo hoo!
We are having a new cooker. What a laugh. We measured up we thought correctly to get one which would fit into the current gap in the kitchen. However we forgot or to be more honest I forgot that the gas hob had hidden depth to it. So the cooker we got was too big. Doh! Panic to get it changed for one that will fit into the space provided in the kitchen units.
Since we have had the old cooker removed and the new one cannot be fitted until Friday we are currently cookerless. Intersting to find out what you can cook in the microwave.
Took part in some Webinars where I gained some further interesting information about internet marketing
Thought for today. Trust people but do due diligence

Joke for today: Don't forget Mothers Day or as they call it in Beverly Hills, Dad's third wife day. Jay Leno

On this day: Bad day for singers. In 1966 Sophie Tucker died and in 1981 Bill Haley died.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Swimming thoughts

I went swimming today. Did my pottering up and down for 26 lengths. Nowhere as fit as I used to be when I was younger when I used to go every lunch time with some colleagues. (why do we now say co-workers? I think colleagues is a much nicer term) We always used to have races so was good fun as well as keeping me healthy. Normally we used to take a car to the swimming baths (another old term -now we say pool or more likely leasure centre) but one very cold snowy day we walked. When I got back in the office a lot of my colleagues fell about laughing as my hair had frozen and was standing up in spikes!! Should have dried it properly!
Another time a boss of a nearby firm who used to come with some of his workers to give us races found that his wallet had been stolen. Normally there was only our group swimming but on this day there were two other people there.The attendant quickly locked the doors and sent for the police (nowadays wouldn't be allowed to lock the doors "helf and sayftee!!") The money was eventually found hidden in a toilet cistern. However the point of this narrative is the amount was £2000 and this was in the early 1960's!! Fancy carrying that amount around on your person. What would be the equivalent of £2000 today?

Thought for today:- Are you taking sufficient risks? I don't mean stupid risks but well thought out risks. How are you going to get out of your comfort zone if you don't take any risks. Go out onto the limb. That is where the fruit is.

Joke for today:- An attractive femail student approachs her lecturer. I would do anything to get a pass in this exam she says. Anything? replies the lecturer. Yes anything the student gasps.
Then how about you study he replies.

On this day:- January 29th
In 1987 Gorbachev calls for democracy
In 1916 Britain began tank trials
In 1861 Kansas became the 34th US state

Monday, 25 January 2010

Christmas is coming

Yep it's the 25th January already. Only 11 months to Christmas. Hooray! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun.

Working on my internet business today It's looking good.

The weekend just gone worked out pretty expensive. Went and bought a new cooker and hobtop on Saturday and then a new bathroom suite on Sunday. Still will be worth it when all set up.
I hasten to add that they won't be in the same room!! Oh don't know though could do some cooking whilst having a bath. Now there's a thought.

It has turned quite cold again today. had to wrap up warm when taking Owen for his walk through the woods. He chased a fox the other day and I thing he picked up the scent again today as a got very excited.

Thought for today: Do you undervalue your skills? Quite often we take for granted some of the things we do and assume everyone can do the same but can they? So appreciate the things you can do well.

Joke for today:- My wife has so many electric gadgets in the kitchen that she has no place to sit down. So i bought her an electric chair. Boom boom!

On this day 25th January:- In 1924 the first Winter Olympics were held in France
In 1533 King Henry V111 married Anne Boleyn
and in 1947 Al Capone died at the age of 48.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Fearsome thoughts

Hi there

Thinking today about "fear" and different peoples reaction to THEIR fears.

A friend of mine has a terrible fear of flying but not just flying but also sailing even on big ships. In fact she doesn't like travelling by coach very much although she can cope if seated in the front. As we live on an island it makes going abroad for her very difficult since The Channel Tunnel is also a definite no no. A few years ago she and her family flew to Spain. In fact her husband booked the holiday without her knowledge in the hope that she wouldn't worry to much in advance. The problem was that once she got there she spent the whole time worrying about the return journey.

However the point I want to make is how"fears" affect us all in different ways. I have no fear about travelling by air/sea or by road in a car for that matter whereas my friend was ecstatic when she rode pillion on a motorbike doing 130 miles per hour along the M1 (the speed limit is 70 miles per hour!) I wouldn't be seen dead on the back of a motor bike! Just goes to show there are horses for courses. Incidently my friend is in her 60's

Thought for today:- Don't be afraid of your fears!!!

Joke for today:-Why do so many Polish names end in "ski"? Because they can't spell toboggan.

On this day:- In 1949 Mao's army marched into Peking making the communists virtual masters of China

In 1924 Britain got its first Labour Prime Minister

In 1972 The U.K Denmark and the Irish Republic joined the EEC

John Beaumont

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Snowy weather

Well the snow has gone although we have been promised further supplies.

Reminds me of the winter of 1962/3. (Can you hear the violins in the background?)

At the time I was still single and living at home with my widowed mum. However she went to Singapore for a month around Christmas time to see my sister who was married to a RAF Officer and stationed out there.

As I was at work all day the our bungalow got very cold. No central heating in those days. Ah sad. Only coal fires. As a result the water pipes froze up but even worse because of the exceptional cold most of the outside water supply pipes to all the neighbours property also froze up. The only exception was the house next door where for some reason the water continued to flow. Hence most other neighbours were without water.

Because of the situation my next door neighbour took pity on me and suggested that when I came home from work I stayed round there and slept in their spare room.( As there was a back boiler to the coal fire in the bungalow if the fire had been lit there would have been an almighty bang!)

To help the other neighbours out we took down the fence between our two properties so that people could come up our sideway and get into the nice neighbours kitchen to fill up their buckets with water. It was quite funny as all evening there was the tramp tramp of feet coming down our side alley and the the sound of buckets being filled in the kitchen whilst we were in the living room. We never knew who was in the kitchen at any one time! It was the typical British wartime spirit. The neighbour on the other side of our bungalow actually lit a huge bonfire in his front garden to try to defrost the underground pipes but without success.It took several weeks to get our bungalow completely defrosted on my mothers return.

Getting quite exciting today as the new ezines I am using to promote the 4 steps and seem to be very successful even just after the first day.

Thought for today:- You have heard the ancient Chinese proverb " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" However you may not have heard the quotation supposedly attributed to Karl Marx:-

" Sell a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity"

Joke for today:- A man walked into a bar and went "Aaaagh". It was an iron bar.

On this day:- 20/1/10. In 1937 Roosevelt took office again for a 2nd term

John Beaumont

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blogging again

Well I thought I had better get blogging again. Have been very remiss of late. Naughty naughty.

Yesterday I bought some more advertising on ezines. Promoted the 4 steps system with Turnkey Marketing. If this one works well will also do Magnetic Sponsoring site as well. It is better to promote the less expensive sites first and use myinternetbusiness site as a back end product. This is because there is a lot more detail with the latter and hence more expensive.

Better for people to cut their teeth on a slightly more basic system. Doesn't mean they are no good though

Last night there was an interesting webinar on ppc (pay per click) from Turnkey Marketing. I'm not doing ppc at the present time but will go there shortly. Can't do everything at once! Interesting that there is a lot more life out there than just Google

Yesterday I had a bit of a shock with one of my properties. Apparently a tenant did a runner over the Christmas Holidays leaving a bit of a mess. According to the agency looking after the property (that's a joke!!) it will cost £2600 to get it back into a suitable standard to re let

According to the contract most of the costs should be down to the tenant but since it may be difficult to trace her and as she is on benefits it is likely to be a non starter.

It is annoying that this is the second time this has happened to me and makes me cynical as to what the point of contracts are. Whilst gryping I often wonder what the point of contracts with banks etc are all about. You suddenly get a letter from them advising that they are altering their terms and there appears nothing you can do about it. Also you can't write to them telling them you are altering your side of the contract. I was always taught that a contract was between TWO parties.

Anyrate I'm getting Tim one of my son-in-laws to go with me up to Sunderland to give his opinion on what needs to be done at the property. He has recently started his own building business so worth while getting his view. Also he might want to take on the job so helping both of us out.

Oh dear I'm in a right moany mood today aren't I?

lets have a joke to cheer ourselves up:-

Joke for today:- A racehorse is the only animal that can take thousands of people for a ride at the same time. Herbert Prochnow

On this day:- In 1793 Louis XVI was guillotined

In 1924 Lenin died

Thought for today:- A true friend is one who stabs you in the front. Oscar Wilde