Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I have just reached one of my goals for the year.

At the beginning of the year I was only swimming around 15 lengths every time I went to the

pool so I decided that I would increase the number of lengths swum each month until I reached

50 lengths by the end of the year. I did it!

Another objective was to write 50 articles about internet marketing and i have achieved this

also. If you are interested go to www.internettraining.com to see some of them.

An excellent bootcamp is www.johnbeaumontcashmachine.com/bootcamp even if i say so


Today's joke:- he asked how they should celebrate 25 years of marriage. She suggested 2

minutes silence.

Today's thought. If nothing sticks to Teflon how does in stay on the pan?

On this day: 21st December

In 1988 Pan America flight blew up and crashed on Lockerbie

In 1945 General Patton died in a car crash.

John F. Beaumont internet marketer

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