Friday, 30 April 2010

Strictly for the birds

I noticed today how the feeding patterns of the birds visiting my garden had changed.
During the winter I had lots of finches visiting and eating the niger seed I had put out. The last week or so they haven't been near the place. On the other hand I hardly saw a sparrow all winter and now there are quite a few coming to the garden. ( I have put out the same mixture of bird food all the time) I suppose there must be alternatives to my fare. Talk about fairweather friends!
When I used to do security work at night it always fascinated me to see that the blackbirds were always still "working" at dusk and that they were the first birds to be seen at dawn. No I'm not being racist here but I wonder if their colour has something to do with this? Perhaps being black gives them more scope to work in safety with diminishing light?
Hey Chris has been a busy boy. He has been helping me with my website and doing an excellent job putting some things together for me.
So my thought for today:- Do we really appreciate what others do for us or do we sometimes take help too much for granted?
Joke for today:- This is an important announcement for drivers travelling on the M62 to London.
The M62 doesn't go to London. Boom boom.
On this day: 30th April
In 1945 Hitler committed suicide
In 1789 Washington became president. Bet not many people know that he started the war between France and Britain when he was a British officer.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Democracy. Just a myth?

Hey I was thinking about my last blog and my thoughts turned to democracy.

Are we a democratic society still? In fact have we ever been?

The reason I ask is that in the U.K. at the present time there is a lot of talk abour recycling.

In my area we already have 4 systems for rubbish or as our American friends would say garbage.

One bin is for garden rubbish which can be composted. A second is for glass/old clothing. The third is for plastic/paper and last but not least is the bin for material that cannot be recycled.

However there was an article in the paper recently where it was stated that we could all end up with 8 or 9 bins/bags for different types of recycled material. We will need a degree in recycling soon!!

Now I am all for recycling where possible but my point is that a large proportion of the populace is up in arms about it. They don't want 8/9 bins!

So? My question is then why should we be made to follow this line. If we are a democratic society then we tell the authorities that it is not acceptable. Ah but this is E.U. legislation. Hey the E.U. is supposed to be democratic isn't it?

The same argument applies to speed cameras. Most people appear to doubt their effect (apart from raising extra money!) and want them removed. This does not appear to be happening though so where is democracy?

Enough of my rant. Let's be cheerful. At least we can afford all the consumer goods which are then recycled and own cars which can break speed limits. Many people in the world would love these benefits.
Chris has done some more work on my website and I have written another mini article
Thought for today: Who you are and who you will become is up to you
Joke for today: A frog's perspective on life: time's fun when you're having flies. (Think about it)
On this day: 28th April
In 1945 Mussolini was killed
In 1789 the mutiny on the Bount took place
In 1770 Captain Cook lands in Botany Bay

Friday, 23 April 2010

The Election...snore

Hi there

Hey isn't the UK election getting exciting. Well isn't it? Only another fortnight and it will all be over. Or will it. If we have a hung parliament then we will have to suffer more agonies.
The strange thingabout ,politiciansthis election (which I have found so noticable when compared with past ones) is the lack of people showing their "colours". For example in my town I have only seen one house where they have put up a flier in their window showing for whom they will vote.
In all my years I have never seen this before. Normally a lot of houses have fliers in their windows and also on their car windows. I wonder why this is. Why are people so reluctant to show who they will vote for this time? The trouble is I think that following the expenses debacle politicians are now held in far less regard. This is a pity since they are all that stand between us and anarchy. So yes I will be voting because I feel it is important to recognise that our ancestors had to fight to get the vote and by not voting I feel we are letting them down.
Who to vote for though. Well that's another matter!
Chris is doing some more work for me on my website www.who Looking good

Thought for today: Do you appreciate what your ancestors had to fight for? Give thanks that many of the things we take for granted today have only happened because some people stuck their neck out for them.
Joke for today: If builders built houses the way lawyers write laws then the first woodbecker to come along would destroy civilisation.
On this day: 23rd April
Hey it's St Georges Day. The patron saint of England
In 1616 a gentleman of the theatre called Mr William Shakespeare died at the age of 52 Strange coincidence. On the same day in 1616 Miguel de Cervantes author of Don Quixote also died.

Monday, 19 April 2010

The Blitz remembered

Hi friends
At present on UK TV they are celebrating (surely that's NOT the right word!) the fact that it is 70 years since the UK suffered the blitz.
Whilst the armed forces have received many accolades for the work they carried out I don't think the civilian population received as much praise as they should have done. Most of the images you now see are of people stoically surviving in the underground tube stations in London although of course many other towns and cities were bombed very badly too.
However we seem to hear very little about the civilians who had to "carry on" throughout the raids.
Take my mum and dad for example. They were both fire watchers. In fact my dad had just retired at 65 years old and instead of sitting in front of the fire with his pipe and slippers he was on top of Hackney Town Hall ( a borough in the east end of London) helping direct the fire sevices to where they were needed most. "Hairy" or what? Imagine being on top of one of the tallest local buildings with bombs falling all around. My mum was there too and she told me but for going into a neighbours shelter on the first air raid she never went in one again. Prefered to take her chance in the open. They were both trained to enter burning buildings to rescue people who were trapped without all the equipment taken for granted now. The "elf" and safety brigade would have kittens now! However after having a couple of hours "shut eye" mum had to be up to go to work. After a raid the communication systems particularly transport were in chaos and mum often had to walk from the east end where she lived to the west end of London where she was seconded to The Ministry of Supply. Can you imagine scuttling passed burning buildings tripping over fireman's hoses to get to work and not even knowing if your work place would still be there. One day she had to wake up a fireman up who had gone to sleep directing his hose on a burning building. The poor man was utterley exhausted. It didn't help that mum then pointed out flames coming from another source!
Hey I think someone should make a film about all these unsung heros. The didn't even get any medals.
Thought for today: Did you manage to get to work today without dodging a burning building? Yes? Then it was a great day wasn't it.
Joke for today:- Did you here about the guy who lost his left leg and left arm in an accident?
His all right now.
On this day:- 19th April
In 1775 the first skirmishes of The American War of Independence broke out at Lexington Green.
In 1956 Grave Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco.
IN 1882 Charles Darwin died

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stuck in a Car Wash!

Yep, I got stuck in a car wash yesterday. Disgusting. Using a car wash! Should have washed it by hand myself but I was in a hurry. Thats my terminology for being lazy.What about your carbon footprint I hear you exclaim? (what a stupid name. Wonder who thought of that. Its "carbon" in the air we should be concerned about not underfoot) Anyrate I digress. There was I sitting in the car with soap suds all around when suddenly NOTHING. The machine stopped. My distress was noticed by a gardener who went and told the nice garage man. Unfortunately he was on his own and by "sods law" a stream of cars came onto the forecourt to fill up with the gold dust. Oops I mean petrol. So I had to wait patiently well fairly patiently whilst all the people passed me by (trying not to laugh I think),

However I now know how a goldfish in a bowl feels!

Anyrate the nice man managed to get across to the machine and with one push of a button I was free.

Mind you a bit ironic really when today we have a cloud of volcanic ash over the U.K.! Might have to wash it again. Hey thats a point perhaps I should rush out and buy shares in carwash manufacturers (or umbrellas)

Joke for today:- A nervous person says to the nurse "I'm really worried because I read about a man who was in hospital because of heart trouble but he died of malaria. Don't worry replied the nurse, in this hospital if you have a heart trouble you will die of heart trouble.

Thought for today: Sómetimes you have to go back to the past to create the future.

On this day: 15th April
In 1753 Dr Samuel Johnson published his Dictionary
In 1955 the first McDonalds was opened in San Bernardino California

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Courage what is it?

When taking Owen for his constitutional this morning I passed by our local cemetary. On one of the little gravestones there is the words "born asleep" I think that is a lovely term although very sad of course.

This got me thinking back to when I lived at Southminster on the Essex marshes many moons ago. I had a neighbour who was a devout Roman Catholic. She had two young boys but always wished for a little girl to complete her family. She actually got pregnant again twice and on both occasions it was a little girl who wanted to enter our lovely world. Unfortunately this lady had some health issues (not sure what) and was told both times that the child would only live for a few hours after birth. This information was given to her at an early stage of the pregnancy. Because of this she was advised each time to have the pregnancy terminated but because of her religious beliefs she declined. So both times a little girl was born who didn't stay with us very long. I'm not a Roman Catholic but I can't help admiring this neighbours tremendous faith. What courage to go through all the pains of pregnancy knowing that your child had no chance of surviving. We normally think of heroics as something immediate like rushing into a burning building to rescue someone but a long term ordeal like this takes some beating.
Thought for today. Let us appreciate all the things we don't have that we wouldn't want
Joke for today:- A woman marries a man expecting that he will change but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change but she does.
On this day:- In 1860 the first delivery by pony express arrived in California after the 1800 mile journey.
In 1732 Frederick North the English Prime Minister who introduced the Tea Act which led to the Boston Tea Party was born.
In 1743 Thomas Jefferson the American President responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independence was born. Ironic in view of above? Both characters having the same birthday