Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Are we all becoming part timers?

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has warned that Britain will have a long way to go to put right the damage caused by the financial crash of 2008.

Oh good if the "experts" tell us this it probably means things will get right much sooner!

Mind you it is astonishing that out of the 200,000 new jobs created in the last year only 6000 of them were full time.

This means that 97% of the posts were part time.

The problem seems to be that employers are reluctant to take on full timers at this stage of the economic cycle.

The trouble is that despite all the money spent on trying to predict the future nobody really knows the answer.

I am always fascinated by watching eminent economists arguing about policy.

How can "experts" have such different views about the same thing? It just goes to show how much running a country (any country) is not an exact science.

Anyrate let's have a joke:- Last week I replaced every window in my house. Then I discovered I had a crack in my glasses!

On this day: 1st February

In 1790 the US Supreme Court met for the first time

In 1966 Buster Keaton died.

In 1901 Clark Gable was born.

John F. Beaumont

In fact I sometimes wonder whether we even know the question.

Monday, 31 January 2011

"Petrol/Gas" at 19p a litre?


I was intrigued to see that British scientists are refining a hydrogen based fuel that can run in existing cars in place of the conventional petrol/gas.

They believe that they can finalise the development within three years!

Apparently this fuel could also be used as a replacement for exisiting aircraft fuel too.

What the scientists at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, the Oxford University and University College London have found is a way of densely packing hydrogen into tiny beads which can be pumped or poured like petrol/gas.

At the present time it is thought that this new fuel would cost around 19p litre although cynics are already pointing out that governments would probably tax it at a rate which wouldn't save the motorist much money!

So many negative people around!

Let's have a joke;- I have rented a car at the flat rate of 12 cents a mile. In an effort to cut down the mileage charge I back up every place. Woody Allen

On this day:- 31st January

In 1943 The Red Army captured Stalingrad.

In 1968 the Viet Cong launched the Tet Offensive.

John F.Beaumont

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Best Way to A prefect Complexion?


I thought we had heard just about everything to keep your skin young looking when along comes another idea.

This time it is suggested that rubbing bird poo onto your face keeps your skin smooth and youthful.

Apparently the bird poop facial is doing a roaring trade at a spa in New York.

Ah but before you rush out and scoop up any poo from your garden I should point out that this is "special" poo.

It is collected from nightingale excrement found on the Japanese Isle of Kyushu.

Quite why this nightingale poo is any different to any other is not explained but is the reason given for the cost of £125!

I suppose there may be some scientific reason as the poo has an enzyme present which breaks down dead skin on the face.

Also it is thought (note thought!) that the poo contains guanine which occurs in pearls thus giving a reason why your skin will have a healthy shine.

Actually I think I wll stick to soap and water.

Much cheaper and no salmonella!

Let's have another joke:- Those pills are fantastic says the patient although they make me walk like a crab. That will just be the side effects replies the doctor.

On this day:- 30th January.

In 1948 Mahatma Ghandhi was assassinated.

In 1649 King Charles 1 of England was beheaded and England became a republic.

John F.Beaumont

Friday, 28 January 2011

Are Credit Cards Redundant?

I see that technology is advancing now so that the mobile phone will in future also be your credit card.

I suppose we should drop the word phone as the mobile is now much more than that.

Apparently Barclaycard has teemed up with mobile network Everything Everywhere to form a partnership to bring the new system into operation.

Everything Everywhere includes Orange and T-Mobile networks.

Initially there will be a cap on transactions but this is likely to change fairly quickly.

So it is likely in the very near future we will only have one article to carry with us which will do everything.

Will it print cash? Doubt it but then who will need cash?

I've put a new article on the new blog John Beaumont-Online Business Thoughts so have a browse if you are interested.

Joke for today:- I rang up the phone company to report a nuisance caller. "Not you again" they said.

On this day:- 28th January

In 1807 London was the first city in the world to be lit by gaslamps

In 1547 King Henry VIII died.

In 1725 Peter the Great of Russia died.

In 1956 Elvis Presley made his first TV appearance.

John F.Beaumont

Thursday, 27 January 2011

China wine superpower.

Hi there,

I see that China is now on the verge of overtaking Australia as one of the world's biggest wine producers.

China raised production by 28% in 2009 and produced 72 million cases which is about 960,000 tons of wine. Phew that would give you a hangover!

Apparently the domestic consumption in China is still relatively low although wine drinking is increasing in popularity.

So maybe we will all be drinking wines such as Great Wall and Dragon's Eye soon.

Interestingly many years ago I stayed at an hotel in Evesham which had a very impressive wine list.

The owner suggested that I try a Chinese wine. As he said whilst it was virtually unheard of in the UK it was one of the best selling wines in the world simple because of the huge domestic Chinese market.

Joke for today:- "Here's to alcohol-the cause of and solution to all of life's problems." Homer Simpson.

On this day:- 27th January

In 1926 John Logie Baird unveiled his new "television"machine

In 1756 Mozart was born.

In 1832 Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) was born

John F.Beaumont

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cash for Lesbian Squash Players

Hi there,

I was surprised to read in yesterday's newspaper that a gay squash club has been given a grant of £6500 to encourage lesbians to take up the sport.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against gays or lesbians (one of my family is gay) but I object to giving government (sorry MY money) to a particular group who should be capable of providing their own funds..

The money is being provided by the Department of Culture,Media and Sport. That sounds more like a department of a communist state rather than a democracy!

I wonder what the reaction would be if they provided money specifically for non gays.

It's great that lesbians should be encouraged to take up sport but should public money be used for this purpose?

Surely the money could be spent on more deserving cause such as for handicapped people?

Any rate let's have a joke. Two cowboys stagger out of the zoo with their clothes in shreds. One turns to the other. "That lion dancing is sure frightening"

On this day. 26th January

In 1788 the first ships arrived in Australia with prisoners to start the penal colony

In 1925 Paul Newman was born and in 1928 Eartha Kitt followed.

John F.Beaumont

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Insurance companies get away with murder!

I had a phone call yesterday from the brokers handling the buildings content insurance on one of my properties.

Before they would give me a quote for the next year they wanted to know whether or not the tenants were in employment.

They were quite taken aback when I asked them why they wanted to know.

The only reason they could give was that the insurance providers need to know.

What difference does it make to the BUILDING insurance?

It is ridiculous since someone could be employed this week and unemployed next and vice versa.

I'm sure somewhere there are statistics which insurance companies will quote "proving" that the unemployed are more likely to damage a property but what an assumption to make that if my tenants are unemployed then they are a greater risk.

You can just imagine the outcry if a particular ethnic group were singled out as being more likely to damage property.

As it happens I believe that my tenants are unemployed but provided they pay the rent on time and look after the premises what business is it of mine whether or not they have a job?

Lets have a joke:- Do you drink to excess? "I'll drink to anything"

On this day:- 25th January

In 1533 King Henry Vlll married Anne Boleyn in secret.

In 1947 Al Capone died

John F.Beaumont

Monday, 24 January 2011

The European Union Laws

Recently on Countryfile a BBC programme a report about the new European Union (getting more like the Soviet Union every day)in which a discussion took place about a new law which comes into operation later this year.

This law is all about battery hens.

There will have to be new bigger/better gages in which to keep hens.

That's great. I'm all for improving the life of the hens.

However what really struck home to me was the comment from some of the egg producers that they were going to have to lobby the government to control the import of eggs from other European Countries.

Whilst our farmers are having to spend out large sums for new gages etc it appears that some other EU countries are likely to ignore the law and continue in the old way.

What is the point of bringing in new laws if the EU cannot or will not enforce them?

It is now such a corrupt organisation that I fear for the future.

Oops I shouldn't have posted that I'll probably be one of the first to have the EU secret police knocking on my door in the early morning.

Seriously though the organisation is getting out of control and somehow will have to be reigned in before it does unrepairable damage.

Enough of my rant.

Let's have a joke:- There are three kinds of lie, a small lie,a big lie and politics.

On this ay 24th January

In 1848 Gold strike in California

In 1941 Neil Diamond was born

John F.Beaumont

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Timing is everything.

Oh dear oh dear.

Every Saturday in the magazine that comes with The Daily Mail there is a feature called "Me and My School Photo"

As the name suggests every week they take someone famous and show their school photo and do an article about their school days.

Unfortunately this week it is about Alan Johnson who, until this week was the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The timing couldn't have been more off or on according to your view point.

Alan Johnson resigned for family reasons.

According to the press it is because his wife has had an affair with his bodyguard.

It's a shame really because he was one of the few senior politicians who has actually had a proper job.

Most of the others are career politicians which of course explains the mess we are in.

That will be the subject of another blog!!!

Joke for today:- Politicians are wonderful people as long as they stay away from things they don't understand.Like working for a living.

On this day:- 22nd January

In 1666 Shah Jahan the Mogul of India who built the Taj Mahal died.

In 1973 Pesident Lyndon Johnson dies.

In 1972 The U.K. Denmark and the Irish Republic join the EEC

John F.Beaumont

Friday, 21 January 2011

N.C.I.S and comedy.

I watched the new series of NCIS the other night.

As usual I thoroughly enjoyed it particularly because the writers always put a little bit of comedy into it.

In the last episode Tony and Tim entered a secure car holding area and were eventually chased by some dogs.

Whilst that doesn't sound very funny the way the writers built up the action before hand really made both Techno and me laugh.

That's the problem with so many programmes on TV at present.They take themselves too seriously.

I had a set of the late Norman Wisdom dvd's for Christmas an most of the films are back in the 60's.

Whilst many of the jokes are a bit "corny" now the slapstick scenes are hilarious.

Sure they are unbelievable but that's what makes them even more funny.

Why oh why can't we have more slapstick programmes?

Interestingly the advertisers are now making more comedy offerings.

I'm sure that this is the way forward if they want people to stay and watch their adverts rather than go and raid the fridge!

Gorgeous seems to be enjoying her trip to Malaysia though I think she is working hard.

Joke for today:- You know when the honeymoon is pretty much over when you start to go out with the boys on a Wednesday night-and so does she.

Thought for today: What are occasional tables the rest of the time?

On this day:- 21st January

In 1793 Louis XV1 of France was guillotined.

In 1924 Lenin the father of the Russian revolution died.

John F.Beaumont

Thursday, 20 January 2011

CCTV Cameras

I was amazed to read that The Shetland Islands have more CCTV cameras than the San Francisco police department.

In fact Britian is the most densely CCTV populated country in the World according to Jane Thynne in The Oldie.

The Information Commisioner Christopher Graham is arguing for urgent privacy safeguards to be implemented.

Not before time.

Apparently a borough in London has more cameras than several foreign city police forces combined and yet the crime rate is no lower.

There is now a product which can be strapped to office cleaners to monitor their work rate and Merseyside police in the UK are using unmanned helicopter drones.

Welcome belatedly to 1984.

I haven't received many visitors yet to my new blog John Beaumont-Online Business Thoughts but it is early days yet.

Joke for today:- George keeps a record of everything he eats. It's called a tie.

On this day:- 20th January

In 1265 England's first parliament meets at Westminster

In 1981 President Reagan was inaugurated as President of USA and in 1937 Franklin Roosevelt took office for a second presidential term.

John F.Beaumont

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Oh dear.

There at it again.

Just when you thought in was safe to go back in the water along comes another shark.

This time it is Statins which are in the firing line.

Statins have been heralded as the wonder drug for lowering levels of chloresterol and are taken by more than 7 million people in Britain alone. One in three adults who are over 40 years of age partake.

Now "they" say that statins MAY cause memory loss and depression.

Mind you it could be that the NHS want to save money by not offering them but then if more people have heart disease they won't save anything.

Well I take them.

Take what? Oh dear I've forgotten what I was saying and I now feel so depressed!

On a serious note I think more people taking statins will be depressed by these reports.

I have started a new blog called John Beaumont Online Business Thoughts.

This is a blog which showcases some of the many online articles that I have previously published

Lets have a joke:- Doctor to patient "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you are not a hypochondriac"

On this day:- 19th January.

In 1966 Indira Gandhi became India's first woman prime minister.

In 1915 the first bombing of civilians took place in British towns by German Zeppelins.

John F.Beaumont

Monday, 17 January 2011

Laughter the best medicine.

I was interest to read an article about laughter.

It seems that children on average laugh about 400 times a day whereas the average for adults is just 17!

Wow that's quite a difference.

We should increase our laughter rate as laughing 100 times is a good whole body work out equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine or 15 minutes on an excersise bike.

Excellent I will just sit on the couch and laugh so that I don't have to do any excercise!

Hey who works all this out??

Still I agree we should all laugh more so let's have a joke;- My doctor told me that if I took up jogging it could add ten years to my life. He was right. I now feel ten years older.

On this day:- 17th January

In 1899 Al Capone was born.

In 1733 Captain Cook's ship Resolution crossed the Antartic Circle. The first ship ever to do so.

John F.Beaumont

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ophiuchus the 13th sign of the zodiac

I was interested to see that some astronomers want to move all the star signs back one month and include a 13th sign called Ophiuchus.

This means that instead of being a Pisces I will be an Aquarius. Oh wo is me!

Do you mean to say I have been reading the wrong sign all these years. No wonder I'm not the billionaire yet that I was promised.

This change has been suggested by American Parke Kunkle although The Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Calner has said it is just the work of a "jealous astronomer"

I wonder what their star signs are and whether or not this proposed change was foreseen in the stars?

Joke for today:- What do Eskimos get from sitting on the ice too long? Polaroids.

On this day:- 16th January

In 1920 The USA brought in prohibition so no alcoholic drinks.

In 1991 Desert Storm started.

John F.Beaumont

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Could Facebook be better organised?

I decided to try to see if I could contact a long lost friend on Facebook yesterday.

When trying to type in his name I found I could only use the surname and not include his first name.

OK. However I then found over 500 names listed and it isn't a particularly common name!

What was annoying though was that there didn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to the listings.

For example if I had been looking for "Fred Blogs" I would have found several Freds in different places. They would not have been all together.

So with all their wizz kid technology why can't Facebook list people alphabetically using first names?

Probably someone is going to tell me they do but if so my next question would be why can't they simply tell me this!

Let's have a joke:- The first half of your life is ruined by your parents, the second half by your kids. Hey that's not funny!

On this day:- 15th January

In 1973 President Nixon halted the bombing of Vietnam

In 1759 The British Museum opened.

John F.Beaumont

Friday, 14 January 2011

The Student March

I was a little horrified to read an article by a journalist about how her 13 year old daughter went on the student march about fees.

No I'm not going into the rights or wrongs of the issue but I'm just recording my thoughts about some parenting.

This young lady asked her mother whether or not she could go on this march (silly term as they are not marching but walking!).

I suppose student walk doesn't have the same ring about it.

Any rate I digress. According to the mother the daughter had little idea about the pros and cons of the debate but just wanted to go "because all my friends are going"

The headteacher had told the pupils that they could have time off to go on the march if they had a note from their parents/guardians.

Am I the only one who can see the foolishness of this?

For heaven sake we have a headteacher and parents allowing children (yes children!) to go on a march where there is likely to be disruptive elements present.

Apart from the fact that the protest is being diluted by having persons present who probably do not fully understand the issues what about the safety of the children?

It strikes me that both the headteacher and the parents need to have their heads examined!

Protest by all means but lets be sensible about it!

Joke for today:- Advice to teenagers. Leave home nowwhile you still know everything.

On this day; 14th January

In 1963 De Gaulle says non to Britain joining the EEC

In 1989 British Muslims burned copies of Salman Rushdie's book "The Satanic Verses"

John F.Beaumont

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Geddes Reader for Macular Degeneration

There is an interesting article in this month's The Oldie by Jodi Cudlipp about macular degeneration of the eyes.

Macular degeneration can affect the eyes of anyone over the age of 55 years.

Whilst not painful it is a great lifechanger as reading becomes very difficult.

The interesting thing is that very little was achieved at overcoming this problem until two men met at a meeting of the Edinburgh Macular Degeneration Society.

One of the men, Les Geddes is a clever inventor and the other gentleman, George Kay is good at marketing.

In the past to overcome the problem A device called a CCTV had to be purchased. This item is very expensive.

Now Messrs Geddes and Kay have produced a reader which costs only £65.

The reason this product is much cheaper is that retired engineers are giving their services free.

It's a nice story how people can come together to solve a problem which is very pressing for others.

If interested you can get further information on 0131 258 6482 or email geddesreader@hotmail.co.uk. No I've no connection and I'm not getting commission!!

Joke for today:- A man goes to an optician and says he keeps seeing spots before his eyes. "Have you seen a doctor? ask the optician. No replied the man "just spots"

On this day:-13th January

In 1926 Wyatt Earp died.

In 1979 Concorde began regular flights to Washington and Dallas.

John F.Beaumont

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Doctors Surgeries.

I had to make an appointment to see my doctor for, hopefully, a minor complaint.

The first appointment available was over 2 weeks away.

This got me thinking about how things have changed in doctor's surgeries.

When I was a lad back in the late 40's and early 50's you just went to the surgery,sat in the waiting room and when it was your turn you went in to see the doctor.

No receptionist, no nurse etc. The doctor just went to his/her filing cabinet and got out your notes.

There were two surgeries a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening for the workers returning home.

Even in the mid 60's when I was first married the same system was in place.

During the day the doctor would visit those who could not make it to the surgery.

The appointment was normally made with the doctor's wife.

Compare it with today's surgery. In my doctor's practice there are 6 doctors, about the same number of receptionists, three or four nurses, 2 or 3 phlebotomists, practice manager, assistant practice manager, 2 secretaries and at least one counsellor.

Great and it now takes two weeks to see the doctor instead of 2 hours at most.

Where is the progress?

Agreed there have been massive leaps in technology but surely that should improve times not extend them.

I think the National Health Service is out of control especially as I didn't mention all the hierarchy of persons controlling the surgeries.

Let's have a joke:- A man walks into a doctor's surgery. I haven't seen you for a long time says the doctor. I know replies the man I've been ill.

On this day:- January 12th

Boeing 747 makes its maiden transatlantic flight in 1970.

In 1948 the first British supermarket was opened.
John F.Beaumont

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

ATM machines and Public Toilets

Oh dear,

I see a survey has been done on cash machines (ATM's) and the results show that there is as much bacteria on the machines as there is in public toilets.

Why oh why aren't people more hygienic?

I have noticed that often in the gents someone comes out from a cubicle and just walks straight out!

We all know what they have been doing in there so I often feel like challenging them and pointing out where the wash basins are.

I would probably get a punch on the nose if I did.

Because of the above I never take peanuts or crisps etc found on the bars in pubs since similar high levels of urine based bacteria have been found on them.

As my mother always used to say "you have to eat a speck of dirt sometimes" but I'm not taking any chances.

Aren't I being cheerful today!

Let us have a joke:-Why do they sterilise needles used for lethal injections?

On this day: 11th January (today we are 11/1/11)

In 1989 President Ronald Regan left office.

In 1922 insulin is first used with success in treating diabetes.

John F.Beaumont

Monday, 10 January 2011

Give 'em the honey mummy

I was very interested to read about the use of honey as a healing aid.

According to Dr Stuttaford writing in The Oldie there is some proof that honey not only is good to eat but also has some therapeutic value as a skin balm.

Some years ago an obstetrician used to advise women to apply honey where they had been torn and stitched.

Apparently, whist very messy for the patient, the effects were just as successful if not more so than the prescribed antibiotics.

Professor Peter Molan of Waikato University found some years ago that honey collected from bees that had been fed off pollen from the Manuka tree had exceptional antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Manuka tree is indigenous to New Zealand.

This has resulted in many creams, gels and soaps based on this honey.

So nature knows best!

Joke for today:- A patient tells his doctor that the medicine he had been given was great but the only disadvantage was that it caused him to walk like a crab. "Oh that will be the side effects" says the doctor.

On this day:- 10th January

In 1927 Johnny Ray was born and in 1945 so was Rod Stewart

In 1917 Buffalo Bill died.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Kegworth Air Disaster

It is 22 years ago today the a Boeing 737 crashed on the M1 motorway killing 44 people.

As I live quite close to Kegworth I'm surprised that more effort of remembrance isn't made.

It was very sad as it would appear human error helped cause the crash.

It was a very new plane. I think if memory serves me right it was only 2 weeks old.

What happened is that one of the engines caught fire on the way from London to Ireland and the pilot decided to divert to East Midlands Airport as that was fairly near and the company's main base.

The trouble was that in the confusion the wrong engine was shut down and the aircraft crashed on the motorway which is right next to East Midlands.

I understand that the airport fire brigade stopped the casualty list from being much higher by crashing through the perimeter fence to get to the site more quickly.

Fortunately there were no casualties on the motorway since I believe traffic had been stopped further back by the police.

On this day (8th January) the following also happened.

In 1642 Death of Galileo

In 1942 German troops began the retreat from Leningrad.

In 1935 Elvis Presley was born

John F.Beaumont

Friday, 7 January 2011

The Rewards for Spending More.

In the paper yesterday there was an article about a quango chief who ordered his staff to think up ways they could spend £1 million of public money.

Sir Andrew Cahn the gentleman in question wanted The UK Trade and Investment (the government's business promotion body) "to get money out of the door"

In a time of austerity he stated that the organisation was "heading for an underspend and wants to get money out of the door"

Whilst this gentleman was cought with his pants down (or rather his emails were published in the public domain) this is hardly an isolated instance.

When I was in business it was quite common for departments to make sure they spent all their budget since they feared that they would receive a smaller budgt the next year if they underspent.

This is crazy when you think about it. Surely it would be better to reward departments which underspent rather than penalise them.

The culture needs changing!

Joke for today:- Use the word information in a sentence. Geese always fly information.

On this day:- 7th January

In 1789 George Washington was elected the first USA president

In 1989 Emperor Hirohito of Japan died.

John F.Beaumont

Thursday, 6 January 2011

So what's new?

I was very interested to read that 600 years ago people were worried about the same things we are today.

This was an article by Ken Cooper in The Oldie Annual

There is a church in York (U.K.) which has a stained glass window which forecasts the end of the world.

The church is All Saint's Church in North Street and the window is known as the "Pricke of Conscience"

There are 15 frames giving graphic details of disaster and death.

Apparently the storyline is taken from a best seller of the time which was a 10,000 line anonymous poem which even outsold Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

There is reference to global warming by telling of the seas rising and the the world going up in flames (nuclear holocaust?)

It shows that even in 1410 there were people who were concerned about where the world was going.

Interestingly though the window beside it is called "Corporal Acts of Mercy" and is a good deeds handbook showing the corporeal (bodily) ways to help others.

Let's cheer ourselves up with a joke:- Did you here about the lawyer who was injured in an accident? The ambulance he was chasing stopped suddenly.

On this day: 6th January

In 1919 Theodore Roosevelt died

In 1540 Henry V111 married his fourth wife Anne of Cleves

John F.Beaumont

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How our rulers waste money

There is a very interesting article in The Oldie Magazine this month written by Kate Sawyer.

Kate is a teacher at a very successful comprehensive school which has Sports Specialism Status.

This status means the school gets extra money for any subject which can claim to be sports related.

Despite having a very successful 6th form college in the town it was decided that Kate's school should also have a 6th form.

However all the new 6th form would deliver was a Sports Diploma not other A level subjects.

To cut a long story short this new building cost over £3 million with a huge dance studio and over £96,000 worth of state of the art gym equipment.

This is great and the last Labour government can boast of putting £3million into education.

Just one tiny problem though.

There are only 8 students!

Wow they can't even raise a team for most sports!

What a waste. How many books could that money have provided? How many extra teachers in important subjects?

The irony is that Sports Diplomas are likely to be phased out over the next couple of years.

Let's have a joke. Woman to husband "Do you love me because of the fortune my father left me?
The husband replied. "Of course not dear. I'd love you whoever left you a fortune.

On this day: 5th January

In 1919 an unknown Austrian formed a new political party. His name ...Adolf Hitler

In 1818 the first regular trans-atlantic service begins between New York and Liverpool.

John F.Beaumont

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Increase in Value Added Tax

There is supposed to be chaos today in many shops because of the increase of VAT to 20%

Why? because many of the labels on products still say the old price and it is only when a customer gets to the checkout that they no the true price.

Apparently even big names like Boots and Comet are guilty of this.

Still I suppose that it has caught all the top executives by surprise.

Hey they have only known for months! Why are such high salaries paid to these people when they can't plan ahead.

Enough of the rant. Let us have a joke:- A man has been drinking at his golf club. On his way home he is pulled over by police who inform him that he is too drunk to drive. "Too drunk to drive" exclaims the man " I can barely putt"

Techno has been working on my new internet marketing website although we have one or two finally touches to do. See http://www.john-f-beaumont.com/

On this day:- 4th January

In 1967 Donald Campbell was killed trying to beat his own world water speed record in Bluebird.

The accident happened on Coniston Water

In 1965 T.S.Elliot died

In 1896 Utah becomes the 45th state of the Union

John F.Beaumont

Monday, 3 January 2011

Politicians v Market Forces.

What is it with politicians when they get a little power thinking that they can buck market forces.

The best example was Gordon Brown who famously said a few years back that boom and bust were things of the past.

Just before one of the biggest busts in history!

Now we have Grant Shapps (who?) the UK housing minister spouting off about housing booms being over for good.

Doh! How illogical is that.

He is trying to get councils and developers to build more houses. I thought councils had run out of money?

We already have a chronic housing shortage and at present not enough properties are being built to even keep up with current demand.

Immigrants are still flooding into the country with little success at stemming the flow.

We are now being told that property should not be considered as an investment.

So who is going to provide the housing when private landlords and pension funds leave the market?

Either Mr Shapps is living in cloud cuckoo land or is a closet communist!

So I will make a prediction.

Within five to ten years we will see the biggest housing boom ever as market forces take control.

Then the real answer will be addressed and 35/40 year mortgages will become the norm.

Enough of my rant let's have a joke.

What's the best way to stop a runaway horse? Bet on it.

On this day:- 3rd January

In 1521 the pope ordered the excomunication of Martin Luther.

In 1924 Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered.

John F.Beaumont

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Swine Flu

I see from the press that GP's are running out of flu vaccine.

Some critics are blaming the shortage for the fact that figures are showing that significantly fewer people have been vaccinated this time compared to previous years.

My personal experience is that doctors have not been encouraging people to get vaccinated.

In previous years I have received a letter from my GP suggesting that I get vaccinated. This winter ....nothing.

It was only when I visited the surgery on another matter that I realised I hadn't been vaccinated. Even then there was a waiting period.

Still it can be a serious desease for some.

Anyrate let's cheer ourselves up with a joke

Today's joke:- The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is because they have a common enemy.

On this day;- 2nd January

In 1942 Manila fell to the Japanese forces

In 1882 John D. Rockefeller became the second most powerful man in the USA by gaining a stranglehold on the oil industry.

John F.Beaumont

Saturday, 1 January 2011

India and China's progress

It appears that India and China are likely to lead the global economic recovery in 2011.

Hardly surprising.

I'm really impressed with them China in particular with the superb new bridges they have built.

Still we in the UK are having to recover from the out of control spending over the last few years.

I think that one of the most worrying aspects is the house price fall prediction of 10%. If that does come to pass (although with such a housing shortage market forces will kick in sometime) then any interest increase will cause a lot of private landlords to go under.

Still we shall see. The economists have got it wrong so many times before.

Joke for today:- Harry gets a lot of excercise. Last week he was out 7 nights running

On this day:- 1st January

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared freedom for all slaves in the southern states.

In 1865 J. Edgar Hoover founder of the FBI was born

John F. Beaumont