Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Hi there

Bit of a mouthful that my isn't it?

Beautiful day today, sun shining and all's right with the world. Well isn't it? It's only we humans who are making most of the mess.

Bit of an expensive day really. Had to fork out nearly £600 for repairs to Sue's car. The clutch went completely just after she discovered one of the tyres was in a bad way and had to be replaced.
With my internet business I paid a supposedly kosher company to get me guaranteed hits on my website but so far whilst I have been receiving visitors no one has taken it any further. Strange I can see the potential but other s can't. Perhaps they think I'm the odd one out? We shall see? I'm convinced this is the way forward.

Sue is following Kelloggs Special K diet so I bought her a range of the Kelloggs Special K cereals and some of the Special K bars. Her diet is working very well although I think she looks lovely as she is and certainly doesn't appear to be overweight. Still if she feels happier losing a few pounds then good luck to her.

Thought for today: Aren't we lucky to be able to read and write? Do you feel blessed?

Todays joke:- It's such a shame to ruin such beautifal blonde hair by dying the roots black.

On this day. In 1876 Custer's last stand
In 1314 the Battle of Bannockburn when Robert the Bruce defeated an English army
In 1990 the first two women priests ordained in the Anglican church

Have fun

John Beaumont

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The tax man cometh

Hi there,

I had my accountant ring up today to make an appointment to see me about my housing account.

The tax man is querying the expenses incurred when I bought a house to rent out in Doncaster in 2006.

This has been going on for ages. The laugh is that because of various purchases I made that tax year I actually made a loss so there is no tax to pay anyrate. Still I suppose it gives them something to do rather than chase after the Members of Parliament who skived off from their expenses. Interesting that quite a few of them have said that they have repaid the money but no one has said anything about paying interest on the amount. Us lesser mortals would be pulled over the coals for this and have to pay hefty fines.
Expect it will all be sorted out. It is only a very minor amount anyrate so I expect the accountants fees will be more. What a life! We are surrounded by control freaks.

Anyrate I had a good swim today and a pleasant walk with my springer spaniel Owen so alls well that ends well.

I haven't done much work on my ezinternettraining com today. I will do some more studying of Ezines and Solo Ads this evening. I mustn't let my enthusiasm wane.

Thought for today: When the going gets tough the tough get going

Joke for today: Why did Cleopatra think she didn't need a psychiatrist? Because she was the Queen of De nial. Boom boom!

On this day: 18th June In 1815 British and Prussian forces finally defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo.
In 1928 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly the Atlantic. However she was only a passenger on this occasion.

In 1942 Paul McCartney was born. What a great year that was as I was born then too

Catch you later. Have fun

John Beaumont

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hi there

Well I'm still here (I think)

I'm amazed at the amount of information being sent through emails. Ezines have a tremendous amount of members but the trouble is a lot of the information being sent is not really relevent to me.

I've just put out another solo ad so will be interesting to see what response I get. The main problem is that people get saturated with advertisements the whole time. Pity they should just read mine. Ha ha I am sending them to my website to get more information on the YourNetBiz opportunity. I think it is great certainly the best information I have seen on learning about internet marketing but as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So we shall see.

Does anyone else think that the standard keyboard needs changing. I keep pressing the caps lock key by mistake, I think it is in the wrong place but maybe that's just my carelessness.

I received a letter today from an organisation called Back on the Map. One of the properties I own is in Hendon a part of Sunderland and apparently this organisation is running the Middle Hendon Neighbourhood Renewal Project to "transform Hendon". This may be great but I am just a little surprised that the main building contractor Frank Haslam Milan may contact me "to discuss and assess REQUIRED external improvements to my property. If I am unable to attend the proposed meeting then they will write to me to provide me with details of the work planned and choices available to me. Hang on! Who asked me whether or not I wanted anything done to the property in the first place. I'm sure that they mean well but shouldn't we all be asked if we wanted the area changed in the first place. Talk about big brother.
Enough of my rant.

Thought for today. Why worry about things we can't change. lets concentrate on changing for the better those things we do have control over.

Joke for today: A new Army computer is put through it's paces. An officer types in a question "How far is it from the barrack gate to the armoury?" The computer replies "Five hundred" The officer types "Five hundred what?" The computer replies "Five hundred,SIR!"

On this day 17th June:- In 1972. Five men caught breaking in at The Watergate with eavesdropping equipment. The Democratic Party Headquarters.
In 1823 Charles Mackintosh patents a waterproof material
In 1950 first kidney transplant carried out
In 1970 first Polaroid camera patented
In 1703 John Wesley founder of Methodism born
In 1946 Barry Manilow born

What a day!

See ya. Owen says go chase the rabbits.
Have fun

John Beaumont

Sunday, 14 June 2009

What a beautiful day

A lovely warm summers day today. I took Owen my scatty English Springer Spaniel for a walk through the local fields. We are very lucky where we live because there are many large fields close by all within walking distance so we can get plenty of exercise. Surprisingly there never seem to be many people around so it is very relaxing especially as Owen can be a bit of a handful. I have had him nearly a year now and I am no nearer getting him trained than I was at the beginning. (Bad workmen always blame their tools!) Seriously though I have tried but just don't seem to get it right. I think he has got me better trained.

Sue (the better half) went running today or rather walking fast she tells me at Loughborough University. There were around 3000 women taking part in the "race for life" a run/walk to raise money for the Breast Cancer Charity. She told me how sad but interesting it was to read comments the ladies had on their backs remembering their love ones who had suffered from this terrible disease.

I read up today some more information on Ezines and in particular Solo Ads for my internet business as so far my efforts have not been to rewarding by having few visits to my website . Obviously I will have to improve my internet marketing!! I will get there!

Thought for today: Count your blessings. My mother always used to point out that there is always someone worse of than yourself.

Joke for today: Doctor doctor I keep seeing images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
I see, and how long have you had these Disney spells?

On this day: June 14th. In 1645 Oliver Cromwell inflicted a heavy defeat on the Royalists at the battle of Naseby during the Engish Civil War
In 1982 British Forces regained the Falklands from the Argentinians.

Have fun. Go chase de rabbits

John Beaumont

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life is grand


Great day again today. Well I'm still alive so it must be!

I've got a solo ad for being promoted on an ezine tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well.

Had a bit of bad news though as my son-in-law Paul has had to go into hospital again. I hope he will soon be better. He and my daughter Elizabeth have not had much luck lately so I'm hoping this will change for them soon because they deserve some good times.

I went and had my hair cut today. What happened to the old "short back and sides"? Now all done by numbers. Seems everything is a number these days.

Joke for today:- Oscar night at my house is known as Passover (Bob Hope)

Thought for today:- Eliminate your most self-defeating belief

On this day: June 9th In 1870 Charles Dickens died of a stroke
In 1951 the last Nuremberg Nazi hanged

Be happy.

John Beaumont

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Wet Sunday Afternoon

Well haven't we had a lot of rain this weekend! We needed the rain but this was ridiculous.

Still I've now got my first solo ad for submission to the ezines. I didn't write it but got a professional to do it. This is for my website. I also obtained a classified ad for this site so fingers crossed I should be in business.

I think I have eventually got the order with Dixons sorted out. I still can't fathom out what was wrong as there was certainly enough money in the account.

The roses in my garden are really looking great this year. Maybe the harder winter than usual has had something to do with it as they are blooming away much more prefusely now.

I had problems with coooking the meat today. Chris bought a large joint of beef but we are having trouble with the oven door. Sometimes for no apparent reason it comes slightly open and therefore shuts off. Happened this morning but I don't know for how lomg. When I went to carve I found it was quite bloody inside so had to cook it for a bit longer.

Joke for today: Two aerials met on a roof, fell in love andgot married. The ceremony was rubbish but the reception was brilliant,

Thought for today: Half the people in Hollywood are dying to be discovered, the other half are afraid they will be. Ethyl Barrymore

On this day: June 7th. Robert de Bruce Scottish king famous for winning the Battle of Bannockburn died in 1329
1982. Graceland home of Elvis Presley opened to the public for the first time.
Owen the mad English Spaniel needs his walk so that,s all folks.

See ya

John Beaumont

Friday, 5 June 2009

Hi there

My problems from yesteday continued today! For some reason the freezer I ordered for one of my rental apartments was not accepted because of a card problem. I'm still trying to sort out because I used a debit card and there is more than enough money in the account. Expect it will be sorted soon. Famous last words!
Went to my opticians today for routine check up. I will get some new glasses although eyes are quite good. Whilst I was in there the optician told me about an organisation for retired people that her mother belongs to so I looked them up on the internet. They are called u3a (University of 3rd age/ Looks really interesting and I was quite surprised a how large the organisation is. I will probably join as I am a yap (young age pensioner)
Does any one else have the same problem I do? That is when typing on the keyboard I keep pressing the caps lock in error. very annoying. Seems a silly place for it or is it just me?

I have again been trying out ezines for my website. Amazing how much help and informationthere is out there. Whatever did we do before the internet? Exciting isn't it

I ordered some roses from one of my favourite rose growers David Austin(R). I went and looked around there nursery a year or so back. It was very interesting when they told me all about how new roses are developed. They are based in Albrighton Nr Wlverhampton WV7 3HB. If you are interested then visit their website at

On this day: June 5th In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot

In 1916 Kitchener best remembered for his World War One leadership drowned when the ss Hampshire sank after hitting a mine

Joke of the day: Did you hear about the overeight ballerina? She had to wear a three three.

Thought for today: For we that can see. Do we give enough gratitude for our eyesight?

See you

Go chase the rabbits.

John Beaumont

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Going to start with a moan today. I have been using my debit card to make some purchases on line for my website and for one of my apartments I own.

Because of this I had Barclays Bank security ring up to confirm that I had, in fact made these purchases. Fair enough. It is good that these checks are in place. However my moan is that the gentleman who rang up was obviously a foreigner. No I'm not racist and have no objections to foreigners having jobs but why oh why do they have to be in positions where clarity of language is so important. Frankly I couldn't understand what he was talking about. Admittedly my hearing is not what it was but when I handed the phone to my son he couldn't understand either,

Enough of my rant.

I'm still looking up about cannabis. The cannabis smoke deposits about 3 to 5 times more carbon monoxide and tar on the lungs than tobacco smoke. And people say cannabis is not dangerous!

Joke for today: Little boy to grandfather " Are you still growing grandad? Grandfather "I don't think so. Why do you ask?" Boy " Then why is the top of your head coming through your hair?

Thought for today: For one person who dreams of making fifty thousand pounds, a hundred people dream of being left fifty thousand pounds. A.A.Milne

Action for today: Stop dreaming and make it happen.

On this day: 4th June In 1989 Chinese Army halted pro democratic revolt

In 1798 Casanova died

Have fun. Owen my English Springer says go chase de rabbits

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The cannabis saga continued

Hi all

I'm still interested in why people take cannabis and so I am continuing my education! Theoretical not practical!

There are serious health risks from smoking cannabis and none of the 7000 studies so far carried out have shown it to be safe. Cannabis actually contains more than 400 chemicals including most of the toxins found in tobacco smoke but often in HIGHER concentrations and one cannabis cigarette can deposit four times more tar into the lungs than a filtered tobacco cigarette. Ugh

Oh dear and youngsters still experiment. Hopefully not too many YAPS (young age pensioners are doing this. We already have too many vices!)

I am continuing to work on my internet business . At present I am looking at Ezines. There is a tremendous amount of infromation out there about ezines so I am still taking it all in.

Joke for today: A mushroom walks into a bar and tries to pick up a beautiful woman with his chat. Go away says the woman I don't want anything to do with you. Why not says the mushroom. I'm a fun-gi.

Thought for today: You will always find some Eskimo ready to instruct the Congolese on how to cope with heatwaves. Stanislaw J Lee

Action for today: Think about the qualifications of someone before accepting their advice.

On this day: 2nd June. In 1953 Elizabeth the 2nd crowned at Westminster Abbey
In 1780 The first Derby horse race at Epsom

Have fun.

John Beaumont

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What is cannabis?


Following on from my last blog I decided to find out what cannabis really is. Like most people who have not partaken (yes there are a few of us!) I didn't really know what it is.

I gather that cannabis is a general term for several pyschoactive preparations of the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. (No jokes please about money for old rope!) They include marijuana leaf (grass, pot, weed or reefers), sinsemilla (skunk), made from the buds and flowers of female plants, resin (bhang, ganja, hashish) from the flowering heads of the plant and hashish oil, a tar like liquid distilled from hashish, Apparently cannabis contains at least 60 cannabinoids and the most active constituent is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol0

The fact is that all forms of cannabis are mind altering drugs.

So why oh why do people have to take them when they can ruin your life?? Answers on a postcard please. Life is so precious and yet some of us take such rediculous risks.

Enough of my blathering. Life is too short.

This month I am concentrating on learning about Ezines to develope my internet business YourNetBiz so should be very interesting.

So far my blog doesn't seem to be getting anywhere but I will continue especially since I have found out my sons blog has received over 22,000 hits since he started.

Joke for today: Doctor to patient: "I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you are not a hypochondriac"

Quotation of the day: "Ok so whats the speed of dark? (Steven Wright)

Thought for today: No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats remember that approx 1 billion Chinese people count'nt care less. (Abraham Lazlo)

Have fun. As Owen says "go chase de rabbits"