Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Hi there

Bit of a mouthful that my isn't it?

Beautiful day today, sun shining and all's right with the world. Well isn't it? It's only we humans who are making most of the mess.

Bit of an expensive day really. Had to fork out nearly £600 for repairs to Sue's car. The clutch went completely just after she discovered one of the tyres was in a bad way and had to be replaced.
With my internet business I paid a supposedly kosher company to get me guaranteed hits on my website but so far whilst I have been receiving visitors no one has taken it any further. Strange I can see the potential but other s can't. Perhaps they think I'm the odd one out? We shall see? I'm convinced this is the way forward.

Sue is following Kelloggs Special K diet so I bought her a range of the Kelloggs Special K cereals and some of the Special K bars. Her diet is working very well although I think she looks lovely as she is and certainly doesn't appear to be overweight. Still if she feels happier losing a few pounds then good luck to her.

Thought for today: Aren't we lucky to be able to read and write? Do you feel blessed?

Todays joke:- It's such a shame to ruin such beautifal blonde hair by dying the roots black.

On this day. In 1876 Custer's last stand
In 1314 the Battle of Bannockburn when Robert the Bruce defeated an English army
In 1990 the first two women priests ordained in the Anglican church

Have fun

John Beaumont

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