Thursday, 24 June 2010

Going on holiday?

I received and have put out to my internet marketing list some interesting thoughts about holiday planning.
It's interesting how just before we go on holiday most of us make lists so that we are sure we have done everything that needs to be done before we go.
You know like cancel the papers check the passport is in order etc.
It seems to work quite well doing this list.
So why don't we do this all the time?
If we make a list of 6 things we must do the next day before we go to bed and then look at this list the next morning and ensure we complete everything we can before the day is out we start to create a great new habit.
It is estimated that after 20 days the new habit is so ingrained we become much more productive.
Make sense to me!
Thought for today. Are you going to try it?
Joke for today: Parent to child. What did you learn at school today? Child. Not enough I have to go back tomorrow.
On this day:- June 24th
In 1876 it was Custer's last stand!
In 1990 the first two women Angican priests were ordained
John Beaumont

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What weather!

Oops I am being the typical Englishman here by talking about the weather. I suppose it is because we have such changeable weather that we talk about it a lot.
During the past week we have had very hot weather, pouring rain and flipping cold! In fact I have just put the central heating on as Owen (my scatty English springer spaniel)and I got soaked on our walk and very cold.
Hey perhaps the Icelandic volcano is having some affect and "they" aren't telling us!
Still at least it makes life interesting.
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Thought for today:- Do we enjoy life whatever the weather? Kids seem to.
On this day 9th June
In 1870 Charles Dickens died
In 1934 Donald Duck was "born"

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So typically English

On Monday which was a Bank Holiday Sue and I went to a local country fair at a place with the lovely name of Oaks in Charnwood.
We really enjoyed it as it was so typically English. It wasn't a fair like a circus just local people with tents etc showing local arts and so on. I don't suppose the style has changed over many years so it was a bit like going back in time.
In fact for Sue it really was going back in time. The local Girl Guides had a tent showing how the movement had progressed over the years. Whilst looking at some old uniforms Sue suddenly said that looks like mine from when I was a girl. Guess what? On looking at it further it WAS her old guide uniform.
A few years ago Sue actually ran a guide company and at one event she gave her old schoolgirl guides uniform to another leader for an exhibition. Sue had totally forgotten about this and had often wondered what had happened to her old uniform.
Interestingly enough the guiders there didn't know the history behind the uniform as the name tag inside was in Sue's maiden name so Sue was able to tell them all about it especially as there was her old journal there and 'photos of her at some event.
It just goes to show that you don't know when your past will catch up with you!!
I'm still getting on well with my internet business. My list is now growing well and I'm getting even more visitors to my website
Thought for today:- Be nice to everyone as further down the line you may have to rely on them!
Joke for today: Advice for single girls, Don't look for a husband, look for a batchelor! Boom boom.
On this day: 2nd June
In 1953 Queen Elizabeth11 was crowned queen at Westminster Abbey.
In 1896 Marconi took out the first patent for a wireless telegraphy apparatus
In 1857 Sir Edward Elgar was born