Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cannabis smoking and health thoughts


I went to meet my wife who is a smoking cessation counsellor and whilst waiting I looked at a leaflet all about cannabis smoking and health.

No I don't do drugs (well only if perscribed by a doctor!) but I was horrified to read about cannabis and what whose who use it are doing to themselves.

Did you know that smoking just three cannabis cigarettes is as dangerous as smoking 20 tobacco cigarettes? This is because the cannabis smokers draw more smoke, inhale more deeply and hold it in their lungs for longer. Also a driver's ability to brake quickly and keep the proper distance from another vehicle is impaired for up to 4 to 6 hours after smoking a single cannabis cigarette. That is long after the "high" has gone and if the person also drinks alcohol the accident risk increases considerably. Wow and they could be driving the vehicle next to us on the motorway!

Enough of this depression. The sun is shining the birds are singing and I have ample food, drink and shelter for today.

Owen, the mad English Springer Spaniel is panting away like an old steam engine. We have just been for a walk and it is pretty warm. Still he loves his walks (rather runs!) whatever the weather

I haven' t done any work on My Internet Business today although it is now called It is very exciting as I am learning a lot although there is quite a bit to take in. Internet Marketing is not quite as easy as some people make out although the system is quite simple. Just needs getting used to especially for a yap (young age pensioner like me) I'm getting there albeit slowly. It's quite exciting really.

Thought for today: Why do some people have to ruin the marvellous body we are all given. eg cannabis smokers.

Joke for today: When I asked my accountant is anything could get me out of the mess I'm in now, he thought for a long time...Yes, he said. Death might help. (Robert Morley)

Action for today. Do a good deed for someone and not be found out

See ya

John Beaumont

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Chelsea Flower Show

Went to the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. First time so I was very surprised at how big it was.
I really enjoyed it. Most of the stands were so beautiful. I couldn't get over how much time and energy the contributors must have put in to get them so perfect.
The day before we had been to Oxford Street in London and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of colours now in the shops. It seems we are in for a bright summer season.
So all in all it was a very bright couple of days.
So I didn't carry out any further work on YourNetBiz (my internet business) so will have to catch up next week.
There has been a tremendous lot of interest shown in the new set up and certainly I am very confident that we are going places. Up I mean!

Thought for today: Enjoy the weather whatever is happening. Rain or shine it is all necessary and lovely

Joke for today: Fortunely my parents were intelligent, enlightened people who accepted me for what I was--a punishment from God. Davis Steinberg

Have a great day because you deserve to


John Beaumont

Wednesday, 20 May 2009 site launch


Great day yesterday with the launch of This is stage 3 of My Internet but with a new name. Same company but tremendous new format.

Really exciting. If you want to see it go to The number of products which you can promote is (as our American friends say) awesome. Certainly it is the basis for a very successful home business

If a young (not old!) fogey like me can do it any one can.

It is quite simple. Talking of simple why do some people have to make things so complicated.

Take the Members of Parliament expenses row for example. They are now talking about setting up an indepentant body to oversee them. Why not keep it simple? If they wish to represent a constituency then surely they should live in it or at least close by. If they can't then I'm sure someone else local would like to stand instead. Then if more than x miles from The House of Commons the state could provide them with an apartment to stay in when in London. That way WE own the property and any future gains would be for all of us. Also when the House is not sitting the apartments could be let out to tourists. A set daily allowance could be set for out of pocket expenses when the members have to be in London. Simple eh?

Thought for the day: When I was at school I learned to spell the word "myrhh" I have never had cause to write that word again (Tony Hawkes) What else in your life can you forget,

Joke for today: If you have any advice to give to your children do it while they are still young enough to think you know what you are talking about.

Action for today: Do something new

See you. Go chase the rabbits says Owen the springer spaniel

John Beaumont the yap

Monday, 18 May 2009

Waiting around for My Internet Business update

Hi all

My Internet Business Website is being updated. Looks very exciting but means I haven't been able to do any studying today.

Still the new systems look great.

Took Owen out today and we just got back intime before the heavens opened. Another few minutes and we would have got soaked.

The news is somewhat amusing, at least you either have to laugh or you'd cry at the antics our Members of Parliament are getting up to trying to avoid blame for milking the system. It's not my fault guv. The system allows me to cheat so I have to don't I?

Joke for today: Two Eskimos sitting in a kayakwere getting a little chilly. They lit a fire in the craft and it sank, proving you can't have your kayak and heat it.

Thought for the day: Be nice to your children. One day they may choose your nursing home!

Action for today:- Give away a smile

Catch you later

John Beaumont

Sunday, 17 May 2009

A rainy Sunday

Well well so far no one is reading my blogs. Shame because they are so exciting!!

It is amazing how much information is in the back office of My Internet Business and the Turnkey Marketing Group. I certainly cannot fail if I follow the advice given. I'm very excited about it

I found an interesting comment written by a Mr Wattles many many years ago in which he states we should be grateful for politicians even if corrupt because the alternative is anarchy. Interesting thought in view of what is going on in the UK at present.

Owen (the mad English Springer Spaniel Dog) is sitting at my feet and behaving himself. Makes a change. I suppose I reall ought to take him for some more training.

Thought for today. Money is the servant. You are the master.

Joke for today: Police arrested two youthe yesterday. One was drinhing battery acid and the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other off!! Boom boom

Action for the day. Be thankful for the good small actions of others in your life

See you soon John Beaumont

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Can't Do Right for Doing Wrong

The long and winding road going downwards rather then heavenwards is as they say paved with good intentions. Which probably means you have lots of stones inscribed with the slogans " Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda". I'm feeling like this when it comes to this whole weird world of blogging. Could I have spent more time researching blogs before I started, should I have asked for more advice from more experienced bloggers in my turn key group and would I have been more effective if I can come up with a better email address then the huge long one I struggle to remember.

Still on the plus side I do feel I am learning a lot about blogging. It certainly seems to be a subject where the learning comes from doing rather then reading. I feel that when my Son talks about blogs I have at least a vague understanding of what he's going on about. Plus I know what people mean these days when they talk about Twitter. I thought that was something that birds and old ladies did.

Althoug it's slower than I would like right now I do feel that my internet business is starting to improve based on this practical experience. It's not easy but then again nothing worthwhile is.

Thought for the Day: Banish your doubts.

Joke of the Day: Marriage is not a lottery - you get a chance in a lottery

Action for the Day: Embrace a cliche 'Don't worry be happy'

Till next time folks,


( and Owen who's currently sitting on the landing watching me type)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Another great day

Hi all

Yep another great day. I went swimming and trundled up and down the pool whilst others sped past. Still I enjoyed it.

There was a cool wind but the sun shone and the wallflowers in our local park smelt wonderful.

When I took Owen (the scatty English Springer Spaniel Dog) for his afternoon walk in the woods the bluebells were still lovely although a bit passed their peak. They have a lovely perfume too.

I continued with learning more about blogs through the back office of My Internent Business and Turnkey Marketing. There is so much helpful information available and I am covinced that this is the future. In fact I keep telling my youngest son Chris that when he is my age there will be preserved Malls (just like there are preserved Steam Trains now) so that the youngsters of the day will know what it was like to go shopping!! "What was a Wallmart dad?"

Joke of the day: What is the only real cure for dandruff? Baldness boom boom!

Thought for the day: Encourage creativity in others and have faith in them

Action for the day: Do at least one good deed and not be found out.

Have fun. Go chase the rabbits!

John Beaumont (the yap)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Break

Busy day again but as it is a Sunday I haven't worked on either My Internet Business or Turnkey Marketing.

So where have I been busy? In the garden. I am very keen on keeping a Natural garden as far as possible. The pond is full of frogs all different sizes! Some years ago the goldfish died and since then the frogs have taken over. Every February the surface is a heaving mass of frogs doing what comes naturally!! I need to clean it out though.
Today I was putting a mulch around the trees and roses just in case we have a fine summer. Here's hoping.

Thought for the day:- The old adage "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is"is not always correct. In fact suspicion, doubt and cynicism can sometimes stop us from taking advantage of excellent opportunities. (I'm certainly glad I put aside my doubts about My Internet Business and the Turnkey Marketing programme as it has come up trumps for me)

Joke of the day:- Advice to single girls - don't look for a husband, look for a batchelor. Boom boom!

Action for today: Just relax and be peaceful

Catch you later. Owen says go chase de rabbits!

John Beaumont

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thinking about mentorship for My Internet Business and Turnkey Marketing


One advantage of being a Young Age Pensioner is supposed to be that you have plenty of time.
Ha ha. I've never been so busy in all my life but at least it is pleasant busyness.

I am very lucky in having excellent mentors in My Internet Business particularly Stuart who sponsored me. He was one of the founders of Turnkey Marketing and is very knowledgeable on
internet marketing. There is so much help and information I just have to find the time to avail myself of it.

Whilst taking Owen (my springer spaniel) for a walk the other day a little boy of about 5 or 6 was playing on his bike in his front garden. For some reason Owen doesn't like bikes and did his springer act. They are not called springer spaniels for nothing! Anyrate the little boy wanted to know what Owen was up to so I told him the reason. On my way back from the walk the little boy was still playing on his bike in his front garden. When he saw me he got off his bike and said "would your dog like a ride on my bike. He might like bikes then" How sweet. It is surprising what goes through the minds of little ones.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY Laugh at your mistakes. We are all human


Clones are people two
Cloning is the sincerest form of flattery


Tell someone you appreciate them.

Have a great time

Catch you later

John Beaumont

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Here I am again

Well here I am again. You know that Young Age Pensioner with the batty dog.

I “rescued” him from a kennel last year. He had been found wandering and no one claimed him. I tell him I’m not surprised!! He is an English Springer Spaniel who was given the name of Owen. No wonder he is batty. Fancy giving an English Spaniel a Welsh name! He is not a Gorgi! Any rate he is great fun even if he is a handful.

I have been ploughing on with getting my head round some of the excellent information in the back office of My Internet Business and Turnkey Marketing. Yesterday I started looking at Ezines. I didn’t even know what an Ezine was really so the masses of information in the back office was really helpful particularly the step by step methods given. There is no doubt that once I have studied all the information available and visited the other recommended sites I will be an expert!!! (Have you noticed the advertisements under the “I am a PC banner “where they are using young children as an example as to how easy the systems are? The true test of how easy it is to be a PC is when old, sorry young, fogies like me are up to speed!)

Thought for the day.

If success was easy we’d all be successful so don’t be afraid to take baby steps. Don’t worry that others may laugh or see you as weak because every one had to start at one time. It is better to take baby steps than end up doing nothing at all. This is very much me with My Internet Business!

Joke of the day

A postman (or woman, we mustn’t be sexiest!) approached a house where there were new occupiers. Just as he approached the door a large dog came bounding out and chased him/her back down the front path. Unfortunately his hat fell off and the dog grabbed it. After slamming the gate shut on the dog the furious postman waited whilst the owner of the dog strolled down the front path.. As soon as the owner got near enough the postman told the owner exactly what he thought of his dog!! I’m too polite to give the actual words!. However all the owner said was “so what”. At this the postman screamed “ I don’t like your attitude to which the laid back owner replied “It’s not “my hat he chewed” but yours!! Boom Boom.

Objective for today. Give a smile to at least one stranger.

Catch you later. Have fun. As Owen would say “go chase de rabbits” (Don’t worry he never catches them)

John Beaumont the YAP

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

One small step

A great philosopher once wrote, well to be honest I'm not sure if he was that great, or even a philosopher, in fact he may have been Homer Simpson, well regardless of who it was, someone said that every great journey must start with a small step.

Well my great journey into the mysteries of blogging begins here. With this post, my first post and hopefully the first of many as I share with you my journey into setting up my Internet Business.

For those of you who are wondering Y.A.P stands for Young Aged Pensioner. I made be retired but I am not old. An OAP is someone you see hobbling around a rest home and I have no plans to see one of those just yet. Even if my batty Dog and crazy family seem to be doing their best to send me round the bend enough so I can go into one.

I'm sure some of you might be thinking “Oh he's just some salesman whose going on about his Internet business and his TurnKey marketing to sucker me to something which is really complicated and you'd need a degree to figure out"

Not at all, I am just like you. I searched the web, I found Turn Key and IMB and like everyone I will be starting from the bottom as well. I don't expect it to be easy but then again nothing worthwhile ever is but I do know it will be worth it

So make sure you check back regularly as I will be updating you all on a regular basis to what I'm up to and maybe my thoughts on what's going on in the world today.

See you Soon,