Tuesday, 13 July 2010

It ain't my fault guv.

Hi there

At present in the UK there is still a lot of talk about a "gentleman" who shot his former girlfriend wounding her and then shot dead her new boyfriend.

After that he then shot an unarmed police officer who was just sitting in his patrol car causing severe facial injuries and the loss of at least one eye.

After several days he was cornered by the police and after some hours negotiating then shot himself. Now his mother brother et al are blaming the police for his death and the inevitable enquiry costing pounds will now ensue.

Sorry but he was a nasty piece of work. He had just been released from prison for assaulting his 9 year old daughter for goodness sake and then goes on to shoot his girlfriend etc.

Why oh why are the poor old police being blamed,

Surely his family must bear some of the blame? After all they brought him up not he police!
Maybe they would gain more respect if they appeared to be more concerned for his victims and their families.

As usual it's "it ain't my fault gov". Let's blame everyone else so we don't feel guilty.

Sorry for the rant but there does appear to be a trend in society for us not to take responsibility for our actions.

In the first company I ever worked for the managing director always insisted that no one would ever get into trouble for making a mistake PROVIDED that they admitted it immediately so that everyone concerned could pull together and rectify it. It was the best environment I ever worked in as people were much more relaxed and therefore made less mistakes. Simple eh?

Thought for today:- Are we big enough to take responsibility for our mistakes?

Joke for today:- A man is checking into an hotel. The receptionist asks him if he would like a room with a bath or a shower. What's the difference asks the man. Well explains the clerk in a bath you can sit down. Boom boom

On this Day:-

  • In 1977 New York City was blacked out after electrical storms knocked out power supplies.
  • In 1955 Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in the U.K. for murdering her lover.
  • In 1883 "General" Tom Thumb died aged 45