Saturday, 8 August 2009

Better keep going

I haven't posted a blog for over a month. Naughty naughty. Still as no one appears to be reading them except me I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Feeling very disappointed with as I don't appear to be getting any hits. Surprising since others seem to be doing very well at it. Must be me. Bad workmen always blame their tools.

Sue the better half has taken an interest in family history again so I have been doing some as well. Very interesting although a bit fustrating at times.

I heard from the Prague branch of the family this week. They went on holiday to Kos recently but all went down with a tummy bug. Shame since it appears to have spoiled their holiday.

It's over a month until I go on mine. Going to Pompei. Never been before so really looking forward to it.

Joke for today:- A woman is talking to her friends. " Of course it was me that made my husband the millionaire that he is today" "How much did he have before you married him" asks a friend.
"Oh he was a billionaire then" the wife replies

Thought for today:- Why do only dogs have to sit at the kerb? You never see horses doing it.

Action this day:- Be happy

See ya.

John Beaumont