Thursday, 2 September 2010


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A friend of mine has unfortunately just died and whilst talking to a mutual friend the subject of traditions at funerals came up.

I think it is a shame that some traditions are falling by the wayside.

For example I was always taught that when a neighbour dies we should draw the curtains as the funeral cortege passes.

In fact I did this after we first moved into our home and a neighbour who I never had the chance to meet died. I was very surprised that ,whilst "the other old school neighbours did the same, none of the younger ones did.

I realise it may be just a small point but I believe such small courtesies are the "oil" of civilisation.

In fact I was quite touched when at my mother's funeral a few years ago a complete stranger stood at the side of the road with his hat in his hand as the funeral procession passed.

There are several other traditions which I would like to see kept. Policemen and members of the armed forces always used to salute as a coffin passed by even for a total stranger.

Certainly we should all pause as a funeral goes passed us.

In fact I get annoyed if I see cars passing on a dual carriageway. For goodness sake can't we wait for a few minutes?

I'm all for progress but we shouldn't "throw the baby out with the bathwater"

Enough of my rant.

My internet business is going well now. I've a few more articles under my belt too.

Thought for today. Have you been courteous to the people you have met?

Joke for today:- Death is hereditary

On this day-
2nd September

In 1945 Japan formally surrendered. Interestingly the war started for the U.K. on the 3rd September (but 1939) Strange coincidence I hadn't noticed before. Ended on the 2nd and started on the 3rd

In 1973 Tolkein died.

In 1942 the Germans destroyed the Warsaw Ghetto killing 50,000 Jews

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What is the point of Facebook?


I have been musing about Facebook and trying to come to ascertain what purpose it serves.

Yes I know it is very popular and it has been very successful (particularly for the owners!!) but why do we use it?

Originally I assume the purpose was to enable friends/relations to keep in touch.

Obviously by posting information oncce then all your contacts can know what you are up to (assuming you want them to know!) and this is very useful. It saves time trying to tell everyone individually.

However look what is happening now.

I'm sure, like me, you are getting lots of requests to be "friends" with people you have never before even heard of.

It is being increasing used as a marketing tool and that is fine by me providing people are open about it.

However to see that Bill Blogs is going to McDonalds for a burger is hardly interesting let alone earth shattering!

If Facebook is to continue in the long term and not be a five minute wonder then people will have to start posting more interesting information.

The other main purpose appears to be to "help" people playing games. Get a life!!

Well I suppose that answers my question. What is the point of Facebook?

To give people pleasure.

I suppose that is probably the best reason ever.

Thought for today:- Are you enjoying life? If not why not? You had better wake up as you don't know how many days you may have left to enjoy your life.

Joke for today:- Life is an open door. It can be closed at any time so don't complain about the draft.

On this day:- 1st September.

In 1939 Germany invaded Po;and

In 1972 Bobby Fischer became the first American world chess champion

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