Monday, 29 March 2010

What a change in the weather

Beautiful spring weather during the weekend just gone. Today, Monday it is cold and pouring with rain. In fact they have promised snow tomorrow but I think we are too far south for that. Famous last words. I have been writing more articles to add to my website Hopefully they will be of interest to people. (if not animals??) Stupid statement.
I had a wry laugh yesterday when I read that Gordon Brown was starting his election campaign in Nottingham. Why? Well because Mr (actually I believe it is Dr as he has a PhD in history) has chosen to start his campaign in the same city where another famous person started his campaign. Yep King Charles 1st raised his standard at the start of the English Civil War in Nottingham and we all know how that ended!! Ironic especially when you know that Gordon has a degree in history!! Still perhaps he subconsciously knows he will lose or perhaps he wants to!!
Actually I am fed up with the election all ready and it is only just starting. Surely every sane person must know what style of leadership they want after 4/5 years of any government? Yet the floating voters have the final say when most of us know which party we will vote for after looking at the results of the current government. Either you think they have done a good job or not.
Anyrate:- Thought for today:- Be thankful for what you have and equally thankful for what you don't have. (Think about it)
Joke for today:- Two flies are playingfootball in a saucer. We had better play better than this next week says one. Why? replies the other. Because we are playing in the cup. Boom boom

On this day: 29th March
In 1886 a new fizzy drink went on sale in Atlanta. The name? Coca-Cola
In 1929 The House of Commons voted to give the vote to all women over 21 years old.
In 1827 10,000 mourners attended Beethoven's funeral

John Beaumont

Friday, 19 March 2010

Alls well that ends well

I thought the story about the kidnapping of the 5 year old boy Sahil Saeed showed both the worst of humanity but also the best.
The worst of course is that people can snatch a young boy putting him through goodness knows what trauma. They deserve to get the book thrown at them.
On the other hand the way his local community rallied round and the cooperation of the various police forces showed just how much people cared.
The extended family and local community sold gold jewellery, family heirlooms etc to raise the ransom. That shows true kindness and concern for others.
Then we saw the police forces of Pakistan, U.K. France and Spain all cooperating to ensure that the kidnappers were brought to book.
I continued writing articles about internet marketing this week. Helps me focus and hopefully helps others.
Hana my lovely Czech daughter in law sent me some prezzies. Very thoughtful of her. I must go and visit them in Prague again shortly.

Thought for today: Most people are basically kind and care for others. We just seem to hear all about the bad things whereas most of the daily good happenings seem to be ignored by the media.

Joke for today:- A waiter brings a man the steak he ordered but is pressing the steak to the plate with his thumb. That is very unhygienic complains the man. It will be more unhygienic if I drop it on the floor again replies the waiter.

On this day:- 19th March
In 1932 the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened.
In 1848 Wyatt Earp was born

John Beaumont

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Happy birthday to me

Hi all
Hey it's my birthday today. Another year younger. Yep YOUNGER. I decided a few years back that I wasn't going to get any older so each birthday I get a year younger. I will soon be passing 40 again but this time going downwards.According to my records I may be a YAP (young age pensioner) but I actually feel only about 25 years old. When I look into a mirror I have a bit of a shock. Who is that old man looking back at me!!
They (who is "they"?) say that you are as young as you feel and I still feel young. Strange isn't it?
Anyone want to challenge me to a sprint?

Thought for today:- How old to you feel?
Joke for today:- How do you leave Las Vegas with a small fortune? Go in with a big one.
On this day:- 9th March
In 1942 I was born. What a great day!
In 1934 Yuri Gagarin the first man in space was born
In 1943 Bobby Fischer the world chess champion in 1972 was born
In 1945 Micky Dolenz a founder member of the Monkees was born
In 1945 Bill Beaumont (no relation) the English Rugby captain was born

Hey look at all those famous people born on March 9th!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Well done EDF

Wow. I have to report great service from a utility supply company. Bet that doesn't happen that often! Oh what a cynic I am becoming. Seriously though it is really nice when you get good service isn't it?
What happened is that when Tim got up to my property in Sunderland he found that somehow the departed tenant had left with an outstanding amount of nearly £100 on her electricity bill. This is supposedly a pre-paid meter so how that happened I don't know.
Since Tim needed to start work immediately Sue rang the supplier EDF Energy Customers plc and told them the problem. No electricity no work! Andrew Miller of EDF Pre Payment Dept in Sunderland was very helpful. He told Sue that if Tim arranged to put the £100 on the prepaid electricity "key" plus some extra to cover his electric needs then EDF would repay the amount that the tenant owed (can't find the tenant. Totally disappeared). As good as their word as soon as we submitted the receipts to them they sent a cheque for the full amount by return.
So I'm very pleased with both their helpful service and their integrity.

Thought for today:- Why do so many companies go chasing after new business giving special offers etc whilst neglecting their exisiting customers? It is easier to keep an existing customer if you give good service than trying to get a new one.

Joke for today:- Joe goes into a butcher's shop where there is some beef hanging on a rack quite high up. Bet you can't touch that beef says the butcher. No thanks says Joe. The steaks are too high! Boom boom

On this day:- 8th March.
In 1906 the British Government published a book that claimed that it was now possible to travel round the world without ever leaving the Dominions of Great Britain.
In 1931 James Dean was born
In 1702 Queen Anne accedes to the English throne after William 111 dies in a riding accident