Monday, 11 May 2009

Another great day

Hi all

Yep another great day. I went swimming and trundled up and down the pool whilst others sped past. Still I enjoyed it.

There was a cool wind but the sun shone and the wallflowers in our local park smelt wonderful.

When I took Owen (the scatty English Springer Spaniel Dog) for his afternoon walk in the woods the bluebells were still lovely although a bit passed their peak. They have a lovely perfume too.

I continued with learning more about blogs through the back office of My Internent Business and Turnkey Marketing. There is so much helpful information available and I am covinced that this is the future. In fact I keep telling my youngest son Chris that when he is my age there will be preserved Malls (just like there are preserved Steam Trains now) so that the youngsters of the day will know what it was like to go shopping!! "What was a Wallmart dad?"

Joke of the day: What is the only real cure for dandruff? Baldness boom boom!

Thought for the day: Encourage creativity in others and have faith in them

Action for the day: Do at least one good deed and not be found out.

Have fun. Go chase the rabbits!

John Beaumont (the yap)

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