Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Can't Do Right for Doing Wrong

The long and winding road going downwards rather then heavenwards is as they say paved with good intentions. Which probably means you have lots of stones inscribed with the slogans " Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda". I'm feeling like this when it comes to this whole weird world of blogging. Could I have spent more time researching blogs before I started, should I have asked for more advice from more experienced bloggers in my turn key group and would I have been more effective if I can come up with a better email address then the huge long one I struggle to remember.

Still on the plus side I do feel I am learning a lot about blogging. It certainly seems to be a subject where the learning comes from doing rather then reading. I feel that when my Son talks about blogs I have at least a vague understanding of what he's going on about. Plus I know what people mean these days when they talk about Twitter. I thought that was something that birds and old ladies did.

Althoug it's slower than I would like right now I do feel that my internet business is starting to improve based on this practical experience. It's not easy but then again nothing worthwhile is.

Thought for the Day: Banish your doubts.

Joke of the Day: Marriage is not a lottery - you get a chance in a lottery

Action for the Day: Embrace a cliche 'Don't worry be happy'

Till next time folks,


( and Owen who's currently sitting on the landing watching me type)

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