Thursday, 7 May 2009

Here I am again

Well here I am again. You know that Young Age Pensioner with the batty dog.

I “rescued” him from a kennel last year. He had been found wandering and no one claimed him. I tell him I’m not surprised!! He is an English Springer Spaniel who was given the name of Owen. No wonder he is batty. Fancy giving an English Spaniel a Welsh name! He is not a Gorgi! Any rate he is great fun even if he is a handful.

I have been ploughing on with getting my head round some of the excellent information in the back office of My Internet Business and Turnkey Marketing. Yesterday I started looking at Ezines. I didn’t even know what an Ezine was really so the masses of information in the back office was really helpful particularly the step by step methods given. There is no doubt that once I have studied all the information available and visited the other recommended sites I will be an expert!!! (Have you noticed the advertisements under the “I am a PC banner “where they are using young children as an example as to how easy the systems are? The true test of how easy it is to be a PC is when old, sorry young, fogies like me are up to speed!)

Thought for the day.

If success was easy we’d all be successful so don’t be afraid to take baby steps. Don’t worry that others may laugh or see you as weak because every one had to start at one time. It is better to take baby steps than end up doing nothing at all. This is very much me with My Internet Business!

Joke of the day

A postman (or woman, we mustn’t be sexiest!) approached a house where there were new occupiers. Just as he approached the door a large dog came bounding out and chased him/her back down the front path. Unfortunately his hat fell off and the dog grabbed it. After slamming the gate shut on the dog the furious postman waited whilst the owner of the dog strolled down the front path.. As soon as the owner got near enough the postman told the owner exactly what he thought of his dog!! I’m too polite to give the actual words!. However all the owner said was “so what”. At this the postman screamed “ I don’t like your attitude to which the laid back owner replied “It’s not “my hat he chewed” but yours!! Boom Boom.

Objective for today. Give a smile to at least one stranger.

Catch you later. Have fun. As Owen would say “go chase de rabbits” (Don’t worry he never catches them)

John Beaumont the YAP


  1. no I'm the one that chases the birds :-)boom, boom

  2. I thought Owen preferred chasing birds not rabbits