Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cannabis smoking and health thoughts


I went to meet my wife who is a smoking cessation counsellor and whilst waiting I looked at a leaflet all about cannabis smoking and health.

No I don't do drugs (well only if perscribed by a doctor!) but I was horrified to read about cannabis and what whose who use it are doing to themselves.

Did you know that smoking just three cannabis cigarettes is as dangerous as smoking 20 tobacco cigarettes? This is because the cannabis smokers draw more smoke, inhale more deeply and hold it in their lungs for longer. Also a driver's ability to brake quickly and keep the proper distance from another vehicle is impaired for up to 4 to 6 hours after smoking a single cannabis cigarette. That is long after the "high" has gone and if the person also drinks alcohol the accident risk increases considerably. Wow and they could be driving the vehicle next to us on the motorway!

Enough of this depression. The sun is shining the birds are singing and I have ample food, drink and shelter for today.

Owen, the mad English Springer Spaniel is panting away like an old steam engine. We have just been for a walk and it is pretty warm. Still he loves his walks (rather runs!) whatever the weather

I haven' t done any work on My Internet Business today although it is now called It is very exciting as I am learning a lot although there is quite a bit to take in. Internet Marketing is not quite as easy as some people make out although the system is quite simple. Just needs getting used to especially for a yap (young age pensioner like me) I'm getting there albeit slowly. It's quite exciting really.

Thought for today: Why do some people have to ruin the marvellous body we are all given. eg cannabis smokers.

Joke for today: When I asked my accountant is anything could get me out of the mess I'm in now, he thought for a long time...Yes, he said. Death might help. (Robert Morley)

Action for today. Do a good deed for someone and not be found out

See ya

John Beaumont

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