Wednesday, 20 May 2009 site launch


Great day yesterday with the launch of This is stage 3 of My Internet but with a new name. Same company but tremendous new format.

Really exciting. If you want to see it go to The number of products which you can promote is (as our American friends say) awesome. Certainly it is the basis for a very successful home business

If a young (not old!) fogey like me can do it any one can.

It is quite simple. Talking of simple why do some people have to make things so complicated.

Take the Members of Parliament expenses row for example. They are now talking about setting up an indepentant body to oversee them. Why not keep it simple? If they wish to represent a constituency then surely they should live in it or at least close by. If they can't then I'm sure someone else local would like to stand instead. Then if more than x miles from The House of Commons the state could provide them with an apartment to stay in when in London. That way WE own the property and any future gains would be for all of us. Also when the House is not sitting the apartments could be let out to tourists. A set daily allowance could be set for out of pocket expenses when the members have to be in London. Simple eh?

Thought for the day: When I was at school I learned to spell the word "myrhh" I have never had cause to write that word again (Tony Hawkes) What else in your life can you forget,

Joke for today: If you have any advice to give to your children do it while they are still young enough to think you know what you are talking about.

Action for today: Do something new

See you. Go chase the rabbits says Owen the springer spaniel

John Beaumont the yap

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