Sunday, 14 June 2009

What a beautiful day

A lovely warm summers day today. I took Owen my scatty English Springer Spaniel for a walk through the local fields. We are very lucky where we live because there are many large fields close by all within walking distance so we can get plenty of exercise. Surprisingly there never seem to be many people around so it is very relaxing especially as Owen can be a bit of a handful. I have had him nearly a year now and I am no nearer getting him trained than I was at the beginning. (Bad workmen always blame their tools!) Seriously though I have tried but just don't seem to get it right. I think he has got me better trained.

Sue (the better half) went running today or rather walking fast she tells me at Loughborough University. There were around 3000 women taking part in the "race for life" a run/walk to raise money for the Breast Cancer Charity. She told me how sad but interesting it was to read comments the ladies had on their backs remembering their love ones who had suffered from this terrible disease.

I read up today some more information on Ezines and in particular Solo Ads for my internet business as so far my efforts have not been to rewarding by having few visits to my website . Obviously I will have to improve my internet marketing!! I will get there!

Thought for today: Count your blessings. My mother always used to point out that there is always someone worse of than yourself.

Joke for today: Doctor doctor I keep seeing images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
I see, and how long have you had these Disney spells?

On this day: June 14th. In 1645 Oliver Cromwell inflicted a heavy defeat on the Royalists at the battle of Naseby during the Engish Civil War
In 1982 British Forces regained the Falklands from the Argentinians.

Have fun. Go chase de rabbits

John Beaumont

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