Friday, 5 June 2009

Hi there

My problems from yesteday continued today! For some reason the freezer I ordered for one of my rental apartments was not accepted because of a card problem. I'm still trying to sort out because I used a debit card and there is more than enough money in the account. Expect it will be sorted soon. Famous last words!
Went to my opticians today for routine check up. I will get some new glasses although eyes are quite good. Whilst I was in there the optician told me about an organisation for retired people that her mother belongs to so I looked them up on the internet. They are called u3a (University of 3rd age/ Looks really interesting and I was quite surprised a how large the organisation is. I will probably join as I am a yap (young age pensioner)
Does any one else have the same problem I do? That is when typing on the keyboard I keep pressing the caps lock in error. very annoying. Seems a silly place for it or is it just me?

I have again been trying out ezines for my website. Amazing how much help and informationthere is out there. Whatever did we do before the internet? Exciting isn't it

I ordered some roses from one of my favourite rose growers David Austin(R). I went and looked around there nursery a year or so back. It was very interesting when they told me all about how new roses are developed. They are based in Albrighton Nr Wlverhampton WV7 3HB. If you are interested then visit their website at

On this day: June 5th In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot

In 1916 Kitchener best remembered for his World War One leadership drowned when the ss Hampshire sank after hitting a mine

Joke of the day: Did you hear about the overeight ballerina? She had to wear a three three.

Thought for today: For we that can see. Do we give enough gratitude for our eyesight?

See you

Go chase the rabbits.

John Beaumont

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