Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Insurance companies get away with murder!

I had a phone call yesterday from the brokers handling the buildings content insurance on one of my properties.

Before they would give me a quote for the next year they wanted to know whether or not the tenants were in employment.

They were quite taken aback when I asked them why they wanted to know.

The only reason they could give was that the insurance providers need to know.

What difference does it make to the BUILDING insurance?

It is ridiculous since someone could be employed this week and unemployed next and vice versa.

I'm sure somewhere there are statistics which insurance companies will quote "proving" that the unemployed are more likely to damage a property but what an assumption to make that if my tenants are unemployed then they are a greater risk.

You can just imagine the outcry if a particular ethnic group were singled out as being more likely to damage property.

As it happens I believe that my tenants are unemployed but provided they pay the rent on time and look after the premises what business is it of mine whether or not they have a job?

Lets have a joke:- Do you drink to excess? "I'll drink to anything"

On this day:- 25th January

In 1533 King Henry Vlll married Anne Boleyn in secret.

In 1947 Al Capone died

John F.Beaumont

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