Thursday, 6 January 2011

So what's new?

I was very interested to read that 600 years ago people were worried about the same things we are today.

This was an article by Ken Cooper in The Oldie Annual

There is a church in York (U.K.) which has a stained glass window which forecasts the end of the world.

The church is All Saint's Church in North Street and the window is known as the "Pricke of Conscience"

There are 15 frames giving graphic details of disaster and death.

Apparently the storyline is taken from a best seller of the time which was a 10,000 line anonymous poem which even outsold Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

There is reference to global warming by telling of the seas rising and the the world going up in flames (nuclear holocaust?)

It shows that even in 1410 there were people who were concerned about where the world was going.

Interestingly though the window beside it is called "Corporal Acts of Mercy" and is a good deeds handbook showing the corporeal (bodily) ways to help others.

Let's cheer ourselves up with a joke:- Did you here about the lawyer who was injured in an accident? The ambulance he was chasing stopped suddenly.

On this day: 6th January

In 1919 Theodore Roosevelt died

In 1540 Henry V111 married his fourth wife Anne of Cleves

John F.Beaumont

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