Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How our rulers waste money

There is a very interesting article in The Oldie Magazine this month written by Kate Sawyer.

Kate is a teacher at a very successful comprehensive school which has Sports Specialism Status.

This status means the school gets extra money for any subject which can claim to be sports related.

Despite having a very successful 6th form college in the town it was decided that Kate's school should also have a 6th form.

However all the new 6th form would deliver was a Sports Diploma not other A level subjects.

To cut a long story short this new building cost over £3 million with a huge dance studio and over £96,000 worth of state of the art gym equipment.

This is great and the last Labour government can boast of putting £3million into education.

Just one tiny problem though.

There are only 8 students!

Wow they can't even raise a team for most sports!

What a waste. How many books could that money have provided? How many extra teachers in important subjects?

The irony is that Sports Diplomas are likely to be phased out over the next couple of years.

Let's have a joke. Woman to husband "Do you love me because of the fortune my father left me?
The husband replied. "Of course not dear. I'd love you whoever left you a fortune.

On this day: 5th January

In 1919 an unknown Austrian formed a new political party. His name ...Adolf Hitler

In 1818 the first regular trans-atlantic service begins between New York and Liverpool.

John F.Beaumont

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