Tuesday, 11 January 2011

ATM machines and Public Toilets

Oh dear,

I see a survey has been done on cash machines (ATM's) and the results show that there is as much bacteria on the machines as there is in public toilets.

Why oh why aren't people more hygienic?

I have noticed that often in the gents someone comes out from a cubicle and just walks straight out!

We all know what they have been doing in there so I often feel like challenging them and pointing out where the wash basins are.

I would probably get a punch on the nose if I did.

Because of the above I never take peanuts or crisps etc found on the bars in pubs since similar high levels of urine based bacteria have been found on them.

As my mother always used to say "you have to eat a speck of dirt sometimes" but I'm not taking any chances.

Aren't I being cheerful today!

Let us have a joke:-Why do they sterilise needles used for lethal injections?

On this day: 11th January (today we are 11/1/11)

In 1989 President Ronald Regan left office.

In 1922 insulin is first used with success in treating diabetes.

John F.Beaumont

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