Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Best Way to A prefect Complexion?


I thought we had heard just about everything to keep your skin young looking when along comes another idea.

This time it is suggested that rubbing bird poo onto your face keeps your skin smooth and youthful.

Apparently the bird poop facial is doing a roaring trade at a spa in New York.

Ah but before you rush out and scoop up any poo from your garden I should point out that this is "special" poo.

It is collected from nightingale excrement found on the Japanese Isle of Kyushu.

Quite why this nightingale poo is any different to any other is not explained but is the reason given for the cost of £125!

I suppose there may be some scientific reason as the poo has an enzyme present which breaks down dead skin on the face.

Also it is thought (note thought!) that the poo contains guanine which occurs in pearls thus giving a reason why your skin will have a healthy shine.

Actually I think I wll stick to soap and water.

Much cheaper and no salmonella!

Let's have another joke:- Those pills are fantastic says the patient although they make me walk like a crab. That will just be the side effects replies the doctor.

On this day:- 30th January.

In 1948 Mahatma Ghandhi was assassinated.

In 1649 King Charles 1 of England was beheaded and England became a republic.

John F.Beaumont

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