Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Oh dear.

There at it again.

Just when you thought in was safe to go back in the water along comes another shark.

This time it is Statins which are in the firing line.

Statins have been heralded as the wonder drug for lowering levels of chloresterol and are taken by more than 7 million people in Britain alone. One in three adults who are over 40 years of age partake.

Now "they" say that statins MAY cause memory loss and depression.

Mind you it could be that the NHS want to save money by not offering them but then if more people have heart disease they won't save anything.

Well I take them.

Take what? Oh dear I've forgotten what I was saying and I now feel so depressed!

On a serious note I think more people taking statins will be depressed by these reports.

I have started a new blog called John Beaumont Online Business Thoughts.

This is a blog which showcases some of the many online articles that I have previously published

Lets have a joke:- Doctor to patient "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you are not a hypochondriac"

On this day:- 19th January.

In 1966 Indira Gandhi became India's first woman prime minister.

In 1915 the first bombing of civilians took place in British towns by German Zeppelins.

John F.Beaumont

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