Friday, 23 April 2010

The Election...snore

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Hey isn't the UK election getting exciting. Well isn't it? Only another fortnight and it will all be over. Or will it. If we have a hung parliament then we will have to suffer more agonies.
The strange thingabout ,politiciansthis election (which I have found so noticable when compared with past ones) is the lack of people showing their "colours". For example in my town I have only seen one house where they have put up a flier in their window showing for whom they will vote.
In all my years I have never seen this before. Normally a lot of houses have fliers in their windows and also on their car windows. I wonder why this is. Why are people so reluctant to show who they will vote for this time? The trouble is I think that following the expenses debacle politicians are now held in far less regard. This is a pity since they are all that stand between us and anarchy. So yes I will be voting because I feel it is important to recognise that our ancestors had to fight to get the vote and by not voting I feel we are letting them down.
Who to vote for though. Well that's another matter!
Chris is doing some more work for me on my website www.who Looking good

Thought for today: Do you appreciate what your ancestors had to fight for? Give thanks that many of the things we take for granted today have only happened because some people stuck their neck out for them.
Joke for today: If builders built houses the way lawyers write laws then the first woodbecker to come along would destroy civilisation.
On this day: 23rd April
Hey it's St Georges Day. The patron saint of England
In 1616 a gentleman of the theatre called Mr William Shakespeare died at the age of 52 Strange coincidence. On the same day in 1616 Miguel de Cervantes author of Don Quixote also died.

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