Friday, 30 April 2010

Strictly for the birds

I noticed today how the feeding patterns of the birds visiting my garden had changed.
During the winter I had lots of finches visiting and eating the niger seed I had put out. The last week or so they haven't been near the place. On the other hand I hardly saw a sparrow all winter and now there are quite a few coming to the garden. ( I have put out the same mixture of bird food all the time) I suppose there must be alternatives to my fare. Talk about fairweather friends!
When I used to do security work at night it always fascinated me to see that the blackbirds were always still "working" at dusk and that they were the first birds to be seen at dawn. No I'm not being racist here but I wonder if their colour has something to do with this? Perhaps being black gives them more scope to work in safety with diminishing light?
Hey Chris has been a busy boy. He has been helping me with my website and doing an excellent job putting some things together for me.
So my thought for today:- Do we really appreciate what others do for us or do we sometimes take help too much for granted?
Joke for today:- This is an important announcement for drivers travelling on the M62 to London.
The M62 doesn't go to London. Boom boom.
On this day: 30th April
In 1945 Hitler committed suicide
In 1789 Washington became president. Bet not many people know that he started the war between France and Britain when he was a British officer.

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