Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stuck in a Car Wash!

Yep, I got stuck in a car wash yesterday. Disgusting. Using a car wash! Should have washed it by hand myself but I was in a hurry. Thats my terminology for being lazy.What about your carbon footprint I hear you exclaim? (what a stupid name. Wonder who thought of that. Its "carbon" in the air we should be concerned about not underfoot) Anyrate I digress. There was I sitting in the car with soap suds all around when suddenly NOTHING. The machine stopped. My distress was noticed by a gardener who went and told the nice garage man. Unfortunately he was on his own and by "sods law" a stream of cars came onto the forecourt to fill up with the gold dust. Oops I mean petrol. So I had to wait patiently well fairly patiently whilst all the people passed me by (trying not to laugh I think),

However I now know how a goldfish in a bowl feels!

Anyrate the nice man managed to get across to the machine and with one push of a button I was free.

Mind you a bit ironic really when today we have a cloud of volcanic ash over the U.K.! Might have to wash it again. Hey thats a point perhaps I should rush out and buy shares in carwash manufacturers (or umbrellas)

Joke for today:- A nervous person says to the nurse "I'm really worried because I read about a man who was in hospital because of heart trouble but he died of malaria. Don't worry replied the nurse, in this hospital if you have a heart trouble you will die of heart trouble.

Thought for today: Sómetimes you have to go back to the past to create the future.

On this day: 15th April
In 1753 Dr Samuel Johnson published his Dictionary
In 1955 the first McDonalds was opened in San Bernardino California

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