Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Health and Safety Brigade

Hi there,

Back in the 1970's when I had to drive around the country a lot on business there was always a lot of advice about what to do in snowy weather.

If you got stuck in your car you were advised to keep a window partially open or leave a door open, run the engine for 20 minutes at a time, check the exhaust was clear etc etc.

Despite a massive new health and safety industry they don't appear to say much about how to survive today. More concerned about people standing on step ladders.

In fact I had a laugh when a handyman I know who has had 40 years experience was sent on a course about how to handle screwdrivers!If he had survived 40 years he hardly needed training.

Anyrate enough of the moan. Keep smiling

Thought for today: Are you taking care of yourself?

Joke for today:- Did you hear about the sword swallower who went on a diet? He had pins and needles for months

On this day 9th December

In 1641 Van Dyck dies
In 1918 Kirk Douglas was born and Douglas Fairbanks jnr in 1909
In 1990 Walesa was elected Poland's president

John F.Beaumont

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