Thursday, 2 December 2010

Brilliant Webinar

I attended a brilliant webinar last night hosted by Stuart one of my mentors.

It was all about how the Six FigureMentors group (of which I am a founding member) is developing.

There is an excellent new training system for marketing on the internet being developed.

It is nearly finished and once up and running will be one of the best if not the best training system on the market.

Just needs a few finishing touches before going live.

If interested go now to

Thought for today:- Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected?

Joke for today:- My dog has an ingrowing tail. I have to have him x-rayed to find out if he is happy.

On this day:- December 2nd

In 1859 John Brown was hanged for treason

In 1840 Napoleon crowned himself emperor

John F. Beaumont

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