Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow at last

For the last few days we have received news after news about the problems caused by the snow

here in the UK but until today we hadn't had any in my area of the country.

Bit different this morning since we had quite a heavy snowfall overnight.

Still I managed to get most of my last minute shopping done.

Whilst snow can be fun when you can "play" in it there is a slight lack of appeal when you have to

do other things in your day.

Because of the shopping I haven't done any work on my internet business today although I

suppose a break occasionally is good for me. Actually I enjoy what I am doing so it is not really


Thought for today:- Do you enjoy your work? If not why don't you try something different.

See my website for some ideas.

Today's joke:- The advantage of excercising every day is that you will die healthier

On this day:- 22nd December

In 1943 Beatrix Potter died.

In 1895 X rays were discovered accidently

John F Beaumont internet marketer

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