Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Great Weekend

Hi there.

Had a great weekend as Sue & I went to see my son Stephen & his partner Joe.

They live in Norwich which is one of my favourite cities.

Sue went to do some family history in the local library which is fabulous whilst Stephen, Joe and I went and looked around Norwich.

We had a bit of excitement at lunchtime when Sue discovered she had left her handbag which had her mobile phone and all her cards in at a local pub.

Fortunately she got it back with nothing missing.

Then when we were leaving on Sunday morning I backed into a wall. Not too much damage to the car just annoyed with myself!

Still it was a great weekend.

Whilst we were away Chris was working on my new website with the Six Figure Mentors Group which is nearly finished.I'm still getting a lot of interest in one of my other sites www.johnbeaumontcashmachine.com/bootcamp.

Thought for today. Are you keeping in touch with your family?

Joke for today:- The first half of your life is ruined by your parents and the second half by your kids!

On this day:- 14th December

In 1799 George Washington died

In 1911 Roal Amundsen was the first man to reach the South Pole

John F.Beaumont

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