Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Law of Attraction

Hi there,

I'm very interested in the Law of Attraction which I first heard of when watching The Secret video. (If you haven't seen that video or read the book then you should!)

Anyrate I digress.

Last night I heard a talk which was by a religious leader but struck a chord with me because of my understanding of the Law of Attraction.

This young man explained that back in the year 2000 he was invited to go to Sydney,

Australia as a volunteer to help at the Olympic Games. As he was a student at the

time and the prices of air tickets way out of his price range he replied that he

wouldn't be able to go. Even so he had really set his heart on going.The person

inviting him told him to leave it a week and they would talk again.During that week

this gentleman had to fly back to his university. To cut a long story short his

plane got into trouble and had to crash land.

As a result of that terrifying experience he was given a free ticket by the airline.

This ticket enabled him to fly anywhere in the world. So guess where he went?

Just goes to show that if you have faith then a way will be provided although maybe

not quite in the way you expect!

Joke for today:- If a pig loses his voice is he gruntled?

On this day:- 15th December

In 1791 US Bill of Rights ratified by states.

In 1890 Chief Sitting Bull was shot dead.

In 1966 Walt Disney died.

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