Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Threatened Beaver

There is a very interesting article in this month's The Oldie Magazine (I'm a Youngie actually

but they let me read it!)

This article is about the marvellous beaver and how they are the most accomplished engineers of

the animal kingdom.

Not only do they build impressive dams which can be 8 foot high and three hundred feet in

length they also know to build a secondary dam. This second dam is build downstream to catch

the overflow which creates a pond which counterbalances the downward pressure on the first

dam. Then a third dam is build upstream to prevent a sudden rush of water following a sudden

downpour. Brilliant.

However their numbers are being decimated* by trappers.

So this lovely creatury is being sacrificed so that their pelts can be used as a fashion accessory.

Sick or what?Thought for today: Are we humans any better than other animals?

* Decimated. I was once told off for using this term in a report by my then managing director. He wrote that it meant reduced by or to ten. Actually according to the dictionary I could use it in the context I was describing!

Joke for today:- In his spare time my granddad races pigeons. I don't know wht as he never beats them.

On this day:- 19th December

In 1991 Gorbachev resigned

In 1984 Britain and China signed the agreement to return Hong Kong to China in 1997

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