Monday, 25 January 2010

Christmas is coming

Yep it's the 25th January already. Only 11 months to Christmas. Hooray! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun.

Working on my internet business today It's looking good.

The weekend just gone worked out pretty expensive. Went and bought a new cooker and hobtop on Saturday and then a new bathroom suite on Sunday. Still will be worth it when all set up.
I hasten to add that they won't be in the same room!! Oh don't know though could do some cooking whilst having a bath. Now there's a thought.

It has turned quite cold again today. had to wrap up warm when taking Owen for his walk through the woods. He chased a fox the other day and I thing he picked up the scent again today as a got very excited.

Thought for today: Do you undervalue your skills? Quite often we take for granted some of the things we do and assume everyone can do the same but can they? So appreciate the things you can do well.

Joke for today:- My wife has so many electric gadgets in the kitchen that she has no place to sit down. So i bought her an electric chair. Boom boom!

On this day 25th January:- In 1924 the first Winter Olympics were held in France
In 1533 King Henry V111 married Anne Boleyn
and in 1947 Al Capone died at the age of 48.

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