Friday, 22 January 2010

Fearsome thoughts

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Thinking today about "fear" and different peoples reaction to THEIR fears.

A friend of mine has a terrible fear of flying but not just flying but also sailing even on big ships. In fact she doesn't like travelling by coach very much although she can cope if seated in the front. As we live on an island it makes going abroad for her very difficult since The Channel Tunnel is also a definite no no. A few years ago she and her family flew to Spain. In fact her husband booked the holiday without her knowledge in the hope that she wouldn't worry to much in advance. The problem was that once she got there she spent the whole time worrying about the return journey.

However the point I want to make is how"fears" affect us all in different ways. I have no fear about travelling by air/sea or by road in a car for that matter whereas my friend was ecstatic when she rode pillion on a motorbike doing 130 miles per hour along the M1 (the speed limit is 70 miles per hour!) I wouldn't be seen dead on the back of a motor bike! Just goes to show there are horses for courses. Incidently my friend is in her 60's

Thought for today:- Don't be afraid of your fears!!!

Joke for today:-Why do so many Polish names end in "ski"? Because they can't spell toboggan.

On this day:- In 1949 Mao's army marched into Peking making the communists virtual masters of China

In 1924 Britain got its first Labour Prime Minister

In 1972 The U.K Denmark and the Irish Republic joined the EEC

John Beaumont

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