Monday, 23 August 2010

A great weekend

Hi there

Went sailing last weekend. This was a birthday treat from Sue. (my birthday was in March but I had only just got round to sorting out a date! )

This was the first time I have gone sailing in about 30 years and I really enjoyed it.

We went to Brighton and went out on a 27ft day sailboat. Was it rough! There had been a storm overnight so the sea was very choppy. (Thats putting it mildly!)

Besides the skipper we had 5 crew initially but the waves were so bad that 3 felt ill including Sue so we returned to the marina and just the skipper, a young woman and I continued.

It was great.

Think I will take up sailing again.

I didn't do any work on my internet business so will get stuck in again this week.

I wrote another article today and I am getting an average of two a week published on the internet.

Thought for today. Are you glad you are alive?

Joke for today:- Did you hear about divorce Barbie? It comes with all Ken's stuff!

On this day:- 23rd August.
In 1926 Rudolph Valentino died.
In 1912 Gene Kelly was born
In 1940 German bombers began night raids on London

John Beaumont

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