Friday, 13 August 2010

It's all a question of attitude

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Yesterday two bits of information came my way which I found very interesting.

The first was that 77% of all new jobs in the UK were taken by foreigners ie people not born in the UK.

One reason given was that many Britons prefer to claim handouts rather that work for a living.

On the other hand there was a programme on TV where a managing director went under cover to see what was really going on with his work force.

During this period he met one of his work force who unfortunately has a rare form of cancer which is now too late to cure.

This gentleman has to travel some distance on a fairly regular basis to have specialist treatment.

Despite this he still goes to work full time and has a very cheerful disposition. Not only that but when he has to go for his treatment he doesn't ask for time off but takes it as his holiday entitlement.

He said that whilst he is still capable of working then that is what he will do.

What a difference in attitude!

Here is one guy who doesn't feel sorry for himself and still pulls his weight in society when others are quite prepared to sit on their backsides and allow you and me to support them.

Thought for today. Are you a player or a passenger? I know which is better for the soul!

Joke for today:- What animals were the last to leave the ark? The elephants. They had to pack their trunks! Boom boom!

On this day:
In 1910 Florence Nightingale famous as the lady with the lamp whilst nursing in the Crimea War died.

In 1946 H.G.Wells died

In 1860 Annie Oakley was born and in 1899 Alfred Hitchcock made his first appearance.

John Beaumont

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