Sunday, 29 August 2010

Great Webinar

Listened to a great webinar last night.

All about how to build a six figure income on the internet.

Fortunately I have incorporated most of the advice into my internet business but it still gave me new ideas.

Surprising how we can learn something new every day.

I suppose that is what can keep us young.

The most interesting thing is how building a successful internet marketing business is simple.

Note that I said simple not easy!

The basic principle is simple but putting it into practice is more difficult.

See my website if you would like more information.

Thought for today: What did you learn new today?

Joke for today:- A bear walks into a pub and takes a bite outof the bar. Get out screams the barman we don't serve druggies here. I'm not a druggie replies the puzzled bear. Oh no? says the barman what about the "bar bit you ate"?

On this day 29th August:-
In 1877 Brigham Young the Mormon leader died.

In 1958 Michael Jackson was born

In 1885 the first motorcycle was patented

In 1949 Richard Gere was born

John Beaumont internet marketer

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