Monday, 30 August 2010

I nearly fell off my chair


Last night I was watching a new (at least I think it is new--it was to me anyrate) programme on the BBC called Trackers.

Basically this is a programme where they trace people for you but they also have a financial expert who traces the people to whom amounts of money are owed.

Apparently there are billions of unclaimed money floating around in financial institutions.

At the end of this programme they had invited some people to a gathering in London where they disclosed to them money to which they were entitled.

These people didn't know why they had been asked to attend.

After disclosing some smaller amounts to some people they finished by calling three siblings together.

Imagine my surprise when I recognised them. In factI nearly fell off my chair.(Actually I was sitting on the settee but that doesn't sound so good---"I nearly fell off my settee!")

Anyrate I digress. These siblings are cousins of Sue (my better half) and it had been found that there long deceased parents Bill & Audrey who I had known had a savings plan set up for their children.

This plan had been fogotten about but the financial expert had found it and they now had a share of £25000.

Wow. Great for them. Must remember to give them a ring!! Only joking but I bet they find some "friends" they didn't know they had!!

Thought for today> Do you still keep in touch with you relations?
Joke for today:- Success is relative. The more success the more relatives!
On this day:-
In 30bc Mark Anthony committed suicide at the court of Cleopatra

In 1901 the vacuum cleaner was patented by a Scotsman Hubert Booth

In 1963 a direct telephone line between the Kremlin and the White House became operational

John Beaumont Internet Marketer

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