Saturday, 7 August 2010

Exciting or what? Well it is for me!

Hi there

Found out something exciting this week. Well exciting for me although probably boring for you!

Actually it was Sue who found out this information as she is the one who is more involved in family history than me.

What she found out was that my great great gggggrandfather was a famous British judge and politician back in the early 18th century.

His name was Sir John Pratt (note the "Sir") A member of the aristocracy no less!

He was a Member of Parliament then went on to be Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1721 and was also Lord Chief Justice of England from 1718 to 1725.

One of his sons (the younger brother of my direct ancestor) was created Earl Camden in 1786 and was a personal friend of William Pitt the famous Prime Minister.

He was heavily involved in the discussions regarding taxing the colonies and in fact I believe he was against it. If he had got his way the American War of Independence may not have occurred.

Anyrate its strange how finding out such information affected me. For some reason it has given me much more confidence to build my internet business. Strange really.

Obviously the family went downhill from then onwards!!

Thought for today. Do you appreciate what your ancestors have done for you?

Joke for today:- When flying try to keep the number of landings equal to the number of take-offs.

On this day:- August 7th
In 1957 Oliver Hardy died.
In 1926 the first British Gran Prix motor race was held. The average speed of the winning car was 71.61 mph (115.24 kph)


John Beaumont

He also formed Camden Town a well known area of London.

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