Monday, 17 May 2010

Onward and upward

Over the weekend Sue and I went to the old Snibston Colliery for a special event involving vintage transport. The site, which closed down in the 1980's, is now a very interesting museum.

I had to laugh as I could remember most of the cars on show being released new! That dates me.
This brought home to me how time flies. The number of things I was going to do in my life which never got done because I put it off until tomorrow. As they say tomorrow never comes.
However in my case I don't think it is too late to still achieve most of them so I'm going for it!
Are you?
This is why instead of sitting with my feet up in retirement I am pushing ahead with my internet business. Look me up if you want to see my progress at Nudge nudge.
Thought for today: Are you putting something important off until tomorrow that you could do today. Even telling your partner/kids that you love them?
Joke for today: Life may not be worth living but what else can you do with it?
On this day 17th May:-
In 1861 the first "package" holiday organised by Thomas Cook took place. On the same day the first colour photograph was exhibited at the Royal Institution in London
In 1510 Botticelli died.
In 1900 Mafeking was relieved. Colonel Robert Baden-Powell (of scouting fame)was in charge of the defence of Mafeking

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