Monday, 8 November 2010

The leaves are falling

Hi friends,

Well autumn is definitely here now (or fall as our American friends would say)

Interestingly most people assume that fall is an American term when in fact I believe it is olde English. So the English changed their term and not the other way round.

Actually I was listening once to an expert on language who said that if Shakespeare can back from the dead he would be more at home with the American accent then the English since it is the latter that has changed over time and not the American.

Mind you there are so many different dialects anyrate and presumably Shakespeare would have spoken with a Brummie (from Birmingham) accent

I listened to a Webinar the other day given by yournetbiz and they have a very exciting new product coming on to the market shortly so watch this space.

Internet marketing is developing at a fantastic rate now. Difficult to keep up with it!!

Thought for today:- Are you keeping up with things and developing yourself or are you stagnating?

Joke for today:- Some cause happiness wherever they go: somewhenever they go. Oscar Wilde

On this day:- 8th November

In 1980 John Lennon was murdered in New York

In 1941 Britain, Australia and the USA declared war on Japan.

Regards John Beaumont Internet Marketer

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