Friday, 12 November 2010

The Loughborough Fair

Yep it's that time again.

Every year around armistace day we have the annual fair come to Loughborough. Doh! If it's annual it will come every year!!

Yesterday when I went swimming I watched the staff putting up the rides. It was very windy and I was very impressed how they went about it.

The whole of the centre of Loughborough is cordoned off and some very big rides are set up.

It's amazing how technology has brought about even bigger and more complicated rides each year. The cost of some of them must be in the millions bracket.

Still at least we still have the coconut shies etc for the oldies like me!!

Hey what am I talking about I'm not old just a mature youngster.

There have been some very interesting developments in mynetbiz with some exciting new products about to be launched.

Watch this space!!

Thought for today; I hope you are keeping up with all the new technologies coming forth. Great isn't it? I hope you think so.

Joke for today: Did you hear about the new "divorced" Barbie doll? It comes with all Ken's stuff.

On this day:- 12th November

In 1847 the first public demonstration of a new anaesthetic was given in by Sir James Simpson, Professor of Midwifery at the University of Edinburgh. It's common name? chloroform.

In 1660 John Bunyan was jailed for preaching without a licence.

In 1929 Grace Kelly was born

In 1944 the German battleship Tirpitz was sunk by the RAF


John Beaumont

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