Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ouch! Having to pay out again

Hi there,

I've just had to pay out £1200 to have the damp sorted out at my property in Sunderland. It's

cost me a fortune this year. A pity really since we had to decorate earlier but hopefully the damp

proofing will not mean too much redecorating. Still you can't expect tenants to live with damp


I hope the 30 year guarantee won't be needed!

Yesterday I watched an interesting new video from John Assaraf about changing your life. Very good.

Thought for today:- Are you enjoying life? If not why not?

Joke for today: A man walks into the doctors. I haven't seen you for ages says the doctor. I know replies the man I've been ill.

On this day:- 17th November

In 1796 Catherine the Great died

In 1558 Queen Mary Tudor died

In 1869 The Suez Canal opened.

John Beaumont

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