Friday, 26 November 2010

Beautiful day

Just got back from taking Owen for his walk. It is a beautiful, crisp frosty morning with a bleak sun shining. Lovely

Yesterday I signed up for some new software to help with my business. I was a bit annoyed initially as after I purchased it I then had to buy an add on. After that there was another bit I had to buy and so on. After the 3rd add on I decided I'd had enough!!

Why do people do that. It may get them more money in the short term but long term this lack of integrity will back fire on them.

Anyrate enough of my gripe let's get positive as life is too short to moan.

Thought for today. Are you compromising your integrity for short term gain?

Joke for today:- Does the name Pavlov ring any bells?

On this day:-26th November

In 1832 New York got it's first streetcars. Horse drawn

In 1922 Charles Schultz was born

In 1939 Tina Turner was born

John Beaumont

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