Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Who can you trust?

Last week I went up to see my property in Sunderland. Because of the distance I appointed local management agents to look after and maintain the property. Doh what a mistake! Talk about slapdash decorating if you can politely call it that. Several jobs which I paid for and which were supposedly carried out by professionals were either not done or very carelessly carried out.
I know, I know should have carried out due diligence but hey when you employ supposedly professional people you shouldn't have to keep checking on them. Whats happened to professional pride?
Enough of my rant. Lets get back to being positive and happy. Boo hoo!
We are having a new cooker. What a laugh. We measured up we thought correctly to get one which would fit into the current gap in the kitchen. However we forgot or to be more honest I forgot that the gas hob had hidden depth to it. So the cooker we got was too big. Doh! Panic to get it changed for one that will fit into the space provided in the kitchen units.
Since we have had the old cooker removed and the new one cannot be fitted until Friday we are currently cookerless. Intersting to find out what you can cook in the microwave.
Took part in some Webinars where I gained some further interesting information about internet marketing
Thought for today. Trust people but do due diligence

Joke for today: Don't forget Mothers Day or as they call it in Beverly Hills, Dad's third wife day. Jay Leno

On this day: Bad day for singers. In 1966 Sophie Tucker died and in 1981 Bill Haley died.

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